If you’ve ever looked into tea for weight loss there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the powers of Green Tea, but another tea that you might not have heard about is White tea.

White tea, black tea and green tea all come from the same plants during various growth phases, but white tea leaves are the least processed and the most nutrient and anti-oxidant rich.  White tea is also arguably the best tea for fat loss.

How White Tea Helps With Fat Loss:


  • Inhibits New Fat Cells From Forming: Studies show that white tea inhibits fat cells, known as adipocytes, from forming. 


  • White Tea Mobilizes the Fat: Normally fat cells aren’t accessible unless the body is in a stressed state where it needs the energy from the stored fat.  In these times of stress, the fat is released from the fat cells (adipose cells) and becomes available for use (this is process of the fat being mobilized). White tea allows fat to be mobilized without the stress trigger. This in theory makes fats more easily accessible to the body to be burned as fuel and also makes it harder to store fat.  


  • Lipolysis Is Stimulated: After the fat is mobilized, the White tea actually stimulates the process of lipolysis which is the fat burning process.  AKA:  The mobilized fats are burnt without the use of extra energy.


  • Increases Metabolism: White tea is known to stimulate the metabolism encouraging even more fat loss.


Now obviously, there’s no magic pill to dramatically reduce your size, but there’s a good chance that white tea can effectively help you burn existing fat, raise your metabolism and keep extra fat cells from forming. In addition white tea is super good for you nutritionally. So, why not give it a go?

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