Summer is my favorite time of the year.

It’s the time to hit up the beaches and rivers, get a suntan, read your favorite book, lay under the stars, go camping and so many other things!

This summer I’ve compiled a list of my must have items that I tend to have with me at all times.

1. Hydro Flask

The Hydro Flask has become a super popular water bottle in the world of trendy outdoors people-and for good reason.  It keeps your water ice cold all day.

2. Several Chapsticks

Chapstick is a pretty basic item to carry around -especially in the summer. But I definitely have my favorites.

1. Sun Bum

2. EOS

3. Burts Bees- but I only LOVE the coconut based one. It has a different texture than the wax ones.

3. Blotting Papers

What can I say? I’m a sweaty ass bitch. Actually it’s not my ass at all, it’s my top lip which actually sweats so much in the summer it looks like I drink out of a bowl. And in our society sweating actual rivers out of your lip is not considered particularly attractive.  So blotting papers save the day.

4. Quick Fix Spray

As previously mentioned I’m pretty sweaty in the summer AND I struggle with acne.  So, one thing I like to keep on hand is some after workout face spray called quick fix spray which is made by Pulse Skincare #notsponbutwishitwas.

Now, I know this sounds like a makeup setting product (hello MAC-you makeup people know what I’m talking about), it’s actually a light spray of essential oils and vitamins that is made to keep your skin from breaking out if you can’t wash your face right after a workout.  I personally like to keep some in my bag for every day sweaty occasions… you know, like walking outside.

5. Sun Glasses

I have sensitive eyes so I keep sun glasses on me all the time. I actually probably use them more when it’s grey outside-those cloudy skies are blindingly bright. Here are my favorites…. clearly I have a particular style, but maybe you do too.


2. Joopin

3. Sungait