Milk, cream, and “pumps” of syrup are perhaps the most common food additives for coffee. Recently however, some articles have been trending featuring a whole host of odd things that are being added to coffee.  Sometimes these strange coffee items are added in order to boost the effects of caffeine, other times for health benefits and other times just for taste.

Cinnamon is actually really delicious when added to coffee. It adds some lovely sweet fall flavors and with those added flavors you can decrease the milk and sugar you normally add to your coffee.  Beyond potentially cutting your calorie and sugar intake, cinnamon is also known to lower blood sugar and boost the immune system, so it has its own added health benefits!


There’s a good chance you’ve heard of adding butter to your coffee.  Why? Perhaps because it’s a common additive for those doing Keto. If you’re doing Keto or a low carb diet the added fat of the butter will give you a boost of energy while helping to kick your body into fat burning gear. It also acts as a creamer for the coffee and a lot of people like the flavor.  If you’re not doing keto or a low carb diet than butter might not be the best additive (unless you just like the flavor).

Ice Cream

Obviously this one is here just for the flavor.  Ice scream in coffee is freakin amazing.  I prefer vanilla, but I know people who use chocolate, peppermint and even pumpkin spice ice cream. The problem with ice cream and coffee is that it cools the coffee down, so another option is throwing the coffee into a milk shake… healthy I know.


Don’t like your coffee bitter, but trying to avoid adding sugar?  Try salt, just like it’s attested to making fruit sweeter when sprinkled on, it also has been said to make coffee less bitter. Don’t knock it ’till you try it.


Adding egg to coffee is a nutrition hack.  Simply mix an egg into the ground coffee and let it brew.  The resulting coffee will have the egg nutrients in it without flat out tasting like egg (this is hear-say-I haven’t personally tried it, but if you do let me know if it’s worth it).


Just like Cinnamon, cardamom is a sweet spice that is a perfect blend with coffee.


Caution: Do Not Drink At Work!   When you’re ready for some weekend fun, try adding some alcohol to your coffee.  Vodka, rum, brandy and Whisky are some of the most common alcohols added to coffee, but it’s really a preference of taste. You can just add a splash to hot coffee, or combine ice cream and blend it into a shake with a dollop of whipped cream.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk in coffee is absolutely NOT MY THING. But, it’s something a lot of people LOVE.  Coconut milk can be a great alternative to traditional creamer and it adds a sweetness and coconut flavor that makes it taste more like a dessert (so I’ve been told).

Lemon and/or Lime Peel

Just like adding salt reduces bitterness, so does adding the peel of lemon or lime. It also adds a cirtus flavor which can be nice if you’re into it.

There you have it, these are just a handful of some of the surprising things that can be added to your coffee. Which ones would you try?