Alzheimer’s and other memory loss diseases can be extremely difficult for the entire family, including your loved one who is suffering from it. Common symptoms of dementia include aggravation, irritation, difficultly sleeping, confusion, stress, mood swings and anxiousness.  These symptoms can be difficult to treat, and since Alzheimer’s is incurable, these symptoms can become extremely distressing.  But, there are options available, including non-drug based therapies such as weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets work by “hugging” your loved one and reducing stress, aggravation, irritation, and even helping with insomnia.

The research behind weighted blankets and Alzheimer’s is limited, but studies show that it helps with Alzheimer’s due to Deep Pressure touch Stimulation which stimulates receptors in a person’s body. This is said to ground the person making them feel secure and thus calm.

In other fields, such as with anxiety, there’s much more research that has been done to support the validity of weighted blankets.

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Weighted blankets can be used on the bed at night to help loved ones with Alzheimer’s have a better night sleep, or during the day. Weighted blankets come in various sizes from queen size down to lap pads which are great for Alzheimer’s patients to use during the day.

The key to picking a blanket for people with Alzheimer’s is to pick one that’s heavy enough to provide comfort, but light enough that the person can remove it on their own.  The standard weight is 10% of the person’s body weight, but that might not be practical for older less active or independent adults. Make sure whatever blanket you buy can easily be taken off by the patient.

Also, if your loved one has additional health issues, it’s best to talk to a doctor before getting a weighted blanket.  Especially since they can be a rather expensive purchase.

You can buy weighted blankets many places, but my first option is Mosaic Blankets because of my personal experience with their company along with their reasonable prices, high quality and good reviews.

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