Unlike other types of bedding, weighted blankets often require special care to clean. So, it makes sense that buying a cover could be beneficial.

Beyond creating a simple way to clean your blanket there are other benefits to buying a weighted blanket cover.

Weighted Blanket Covers Help To Maintain The Blanket’s Quality

Frequent washing of weighted blankets, is usually discouraged to maintain quality and prolong the lifespan. Having a cover helps you get an additional layer of protection for your weighted blanket so you don’t have to wash it as often. Since most of us don’t want to spend our extra money on weighted blankets, this is important!

If you’re bothered by the cat’s fur, hair or dust in your blanket, you can easily get rid of them by washing the cover. In fact, if you have two covers you can rotate them and minimize the chance of cat hair or dust infecting your blanket!  By having a cover for your weighted blanket, you get to save your time and energy, plus you get to preserve the material of the blanket at the same time.

Covers Diversity Your Blanket

If you’re someone who like to switch things up, a blanket cover can allow you to make that switch.  For instance, you could buy a minky cover, silky cover, or cotton cover (or all three) to match your mood.  While the cover doesn’t change the weight and ultimate warmth of the blanket, (yes, you would have to purchase more than one blanket for that) it does change the feel of the blanket for a fraction of the cost of buying another blanket.

If you’ve read any of my other weighted blanket posts, you’ll know that my favorite place to buy weighted blankets is Mosaic Blankets, and while I’m an affiliate I also do actually have and use their blankets and I used them on clients when I worked in healthcare. So naturally I’m going to recommend their covers which you can check out here.  

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