Los Angeles is primarily thought of as “the place where people make tv shows”, but it’s also a great place to go thrifting to get vintage items, trendy clothes, and even furniture. Thrift stores range from iconic, themed and upscale to vintage, affordable and downright cheap.

Here are some of the best places to thrift as picked by locals.


Located on Melrose Avenue, Wasteland offers trendy outfits with a rock and roll touch. It is a famous shop that provides a range from designer bags to denim. It stocks new merchandise as well as slightly worn quality pieces. Individuals who frequent this store tend to be picky hence the store has the best selection. Individuals whose style is influenced by designers Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs are encouraged to visit the shop as both of them have been in these stores in search for good designs.


The store is located along Melrose Avenue. It is known for good designer pieces such as dresses. It is an excellent place to go for luxury shopping in Los Angeles although the prices are quite high they stock designer pieces that are hard to find.

Jet Rag

This thrift store along La Brea Avenue is popular because of its Sunday $1 deals. The process is vigorous as it involves hours of searching through loads of clothes, but once an individual finds their perfect piece, it is a worthy experience. This shop unloads tons of pieces on Sunday all going for $1. Although the experience is more or less a hit or miss, it is unlikely that an individual can fail to get a favorite piece since the shop has a new shipment each week.

Painted Bird

This store provides a unique environment where clients get their perfect pieces without going through the hassle of digging in loads of clothes. The pieces are carefully selected by the staff and are unique. Although they do not have the $1 deal, their pieces are reasonably priced.

UCLA Thrift Shop

Looking for stylish French pieces? UCLA Thrift shop located along Massachusetts Avenue is the place to look out for. The pieces are priced at a price that is slightly lower than other shops. The shop also stocks books in its library.

Helping Hand Thrift Shop

This store is located along Fairfax Avenue and stocks clothes, books and furniture. Although it takes some time to get a perfect piece, individuals with time usually find quality pieces. It is a budget-friendly shop when changing the face of one’s house.

Council Thrift Shop

This store located on Veteran Avenue stocks the best-used furniture and clothes. The furniture comes in good shape for individuals who may want to redecorate their home. Other thrift stores in Los Angeles are New Stone Age, Berda Paradise Thrift Shop, Sundays Best Thrift Apparel, The Left Bank and Raggedy Threads among others.

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