If you’ve been anywhere as of late, you’ve probably heard of derma rollers or micro needling as a skin treatment, but recently there’s been a lot of to-do about derma rollers being used to get rid of cellulite.  While I think derma rollers are a great skin tool for rejuvenating the skin, I want to be realistic about how (and if) it can work for cellulite.

The Truth about Cellulite

Here’s the deal about cellulite, most people think cellulite is simply pockets of fat under your skin. More recently however, several doctors, including plastic surgeons, have said that cellulite is really fat being pushed through pieces of tangled tissue know as fascia.  You know those stress balls that you squeeze

and all the goo goes through the holes… same concept. Unfortunately, doesn’t really matter if you’re fat or skinny either.  Cellulite affects a lot of women because it has to do with the makeup of connective tissues.

So how might a derma roller help with this situation?

Derma rollers work by leaving small micro-cuts in the skin.  Those small cuts stimulate collagen and tissue repair.  This is why the derma roller is so famous for making the skin look younger and repairing small scars and such.  However, because cellulite is caused from- essentially gaps in connective tissue at a deep level, there’s little to suggest derma rollers will work for cellulite reduction and I would be cautious in trusting claims that it works.

Other Options for Treating Cellulite

A couple years ago, before it became really popular, I learned of the Fascia Blaster. I was actually looking for a way to repair a sports injury when I found it.  A bunch of ladies had a LOT of success getting rid of the appearance of cellulite using it because it works on the premise of loosening bound fascia which allows it to go back to its proper place and thus the fat smooths out.  I tried it for several months and had some really amazing results with it for both my injury and getting rid of the appearance of cellulite.  With that being said, it took a lot of time and the results only last as long as you continue blasting at least a couple times a week (much like the results of a massage only last for a short period of time).  Did it work? Yes.  Was it worth the time and energy?  It depends on how bad you hate your cellulite! Obviously, do your own research if you’re interested in trying the blaster, but it did the trick for me.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend derma rollers for cellulite and I would be skeptical of any company that does as the science doesn’t really work.  With that being said, I haven’t tried it for myself, but after hearing of this trend going around I wanted to take a few minutes and write about why It sounds like one of those “too good to be true” situations.