With better weather coming, and colder wine necessary for human survival (not really-but really), I needed a new cold-beverage cup solution. After scouring the internet, I found this little brand that you’ve probably already heard of: Corckcicle.

A brand hosting products that it claims keep beverages cold for 9 hours. Hard to believe. Yes. However, I did my research (and by that, I mean I drank a lot of wine) and the results are in: Corkcicle is a winner!

A canteen, tumbler, whiskey wedge, stemless or customizable cup, they have a variety of options, but I was really drawn to the Unicorn Magic cup. It is triple insulated with a really nice, sleek design suitable for cup holders, non-cumbersome for your hands and oh so adorable.

This stainless steel glass also holds hot beverages which is a huge selling point for me and the silicone bottom ensures it’s not easily knocked over or can’t just slide off of wherever you put it. The lid is also spill resistant (which for a klutz child like me, is big). It’s easy to clean and keep in good condition.

Beyond making a good product, Corckcicle also charitably donate a percentage of every purchase to the limited resource- water. Clean and safe water is not available to everyone on this planet and Corckcicle works to try and remedy that. Beyond just, you know saving actual human lives, providing access to clean water will aid in malnutrition, disease reduction, and the overall declining health of developing countries as a whole.

Happy birthday to you, congratulations on that new job, happy graduation present- this should be on your list to get or get given for any-old-occasion. As a wine drinker and celebrator for no reason, this modern wine glass is a home run. The hardest part to believe is not if the liquid will stay cold for 9 hours, but that the liquid will even last that long!