We are soon saying goodbye to winter and approaching spring. During this time many of us begin to get our summer body together. We might start to work out a bit more, drink more water, try to clear up our skin, and many of us want to lighten our hair. If you are feeling like it is time to get rid of that dark hair, here are some ways to lighten your hair at home.

If you are more of a natural living kind of person then these next few solutions are for you:


Diluted lemon water (half lemon, half water mixture) can lighten the hair when applied. This is a very common method for naturally lightening all over the hair.


Honey when mixed with olive oil will lighten hair. This is a very popular at home method for creating highlights. It does need to be left on for longer periods of time: approximately 30-60 minutes is recommended. You may also need to apply multiple times to have effects. Make sure to be careful if you are washing it off while standing in the shower as it is sticky and you could slip.

If you do not prefer olive oil, you can mix honey with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the hair. Use two cups of vinegar to one cup of honey. Apply it to the hair and cover with a towel. Leave it on overnight and wash in the morning.

Baking soda

Use approximately ½ cup of baking soda and water to make a medium thickness paste. Apply the paste to the hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes. If you like the lightness it offers you after 20 minutes, you can wash it out. If you want lighter hair you can leave it on longer.

If chemicals do not bother you, the bleaching your hair at home may be the right fit:


You can bleach your hair at home, however, you should have very healthy hair to proceed. If you are not using virgin hair and healthy hair, this is not recommended. You will need to purchase bleaching powder and developer/peroxide. The developer/peroxide comes in 10 volume (ideal for already light hair), 20 volume (light brown hair to lift 2-3 colors), 30 volume (for darker hair to life 3-4 colors) and 40 volume (high-lift but really damaging to the hair). Once you have mixed the bleach and developer/peroxide, apply it to the ends of your hair with gloves and apply it to the scalp last. Do not leave the bleach on for more than 30-40 minutes. Carefully watch it to see when your preferred lightness has arrived. Wash it out thoroughly and be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment to prevent damage.

Whatever method you prefer, natural or chemical, it is so fun to be able to experiment with how you look. For some reason hair is always the go to. Maybe because we feel instantly transformed by a simply color change. However you achieve your perfect look is great. I just hope you enjoy the outcome!