Thanks to the Tiny House Movement meshed together with aesthetically perfect Instagram photos and shows like Tiny House Hunters,  a lot of people are ready to say goodbye to the normal and go tiny.

And this is a cause that I support 1000%.  However, I do think it’s important that people go Tiny purposefully.  If you go unprepared it could spell disaster.

So today I want to leave you with some tiny house living tips to help you determine if living tiny is right for you.  Or, if you’re already living tiny, hopefully these tips can help you find balance in this rewarding lifestyle.


Tip 1:  Know what size “tiny” is right for you.

Just because one couple can live in 50 square feet doesn’t mean you need to!

Just because the “normal” tiny house is on wheels, doesn’t mean you have to go that route either. There are boats, cottages, mother in law units and even bus and RV conversions.

The entire point of going tiny is to live alternatively in a way that improves your life.

For me, that meant going bigger than a lot of tiny spaces.  I ended up with 300 square feet on a THOW (or, Tiny House On Wheels).  The reason why I went with a bigger space is because I work from home, I plan on buying property sooner than later, and I have too many animals to be in a smaller space.  I also wanted room for my friends to come play games or watch movies.

Even if you’re currently in a tiny house, if the size is too small don’t be afraid to change to something bigger. Or consider other options.  There is no one size fit all with a Tiny House.  Remember that life is a journey.  If what you had in your mind isn’t working, don’t be afraid to go bigger or different, that change is just part of the journey.


Tip 2.  Get rid of more!

Material things don’t equal happiness.  Especially in a Tiny House. They equal clutter, dust bunnies, and stress.  So, get rid of all the things you don’t need.  Then get rid of half the things you think you need!  When you’re trying to figure out what you need, it’s always a good idea to think about your lifestyle.  I’m not a cook.  I make food to survive and the more simplistic, the better. So for me, I have a big fry pan, a small fry pan, and one medium pot.  If you love to cook and make all the fancy delicious dishes, you might want to prioritize more space to your cookware than I have. But that means you get rid of something else.


Tip 3: Designate your space.

If you’re in the planning stages, this is the best time to designate your space.  If you’ve already moved in, you can still work with what you’ve got!

The idea of designating your spaces it to make sure that everything you own and everything you do has a space. For instance, if you practice yoga you’re going to want to make sure you have space for that. Also make sure that guitar you want to bring, and your dishes, and that special pillow your niece made, all have their own space. Also remember when you’re thinking about designating spaces that if you’re in a THOW you’re going to be dealing with weird narrow spaces.


Tip 4: Organize Your Space

It’s not necessarily fun, but buy some organizers and make use of them! Totes are great for keeping like-items together and clean.  Totes also help you designate your spaces.  If all your skincare is in a small bin, you’ll know that it lives there and that’s all that lives in that bin. 


Tip 5: Keep It Open & Light

I like a moody vibe as much as the next gal, but when you are going to live in a space all the time, it’s a good idea to choose light colors and keep things as open as possible. This will give the space an airy aesthetic that makes you feel like it is bigger than it is.  One way I personally did this was by getting rid of my upper kitchen cabinets. In their place I have open shelves witch hold my dishes.  It’s more to dust, but I’ll sacrifice the little bit of extra cleaning for the open vibe it gives the room.  


Tip 6: Clean It!

One way to stay happy in a small space is to keep it clean.  Don’t leave dishes in the sink or laundry on a chair.  Everything needs to be put in its designated space as soon as you’re done using it. On the bright side, it’s such a small an organized space your spring deep cleaning will be a breeze. 


Tip 7: Invest in mult-use items. 

I generally don’t like to recommend buying much when you live tiny, but if you’re going to buy things go for items that can be dually used. For instance a table for your laptop that functions as additional seating for guests. 


Tip 8: Utilize the outdoors. 

I love being outside, and with a larger space outside  I can hop in the hammock, do my work under an umbrella at our outdoor table or entertain guests on my large deck.  Even if you live in an area with bad weather or you’re moving a lot, you can and should try to use the outdoors as much as possible.  I do at least 80% of my work on the computer outside in the summer. In the winter it’s more like 40%. This allows me to have a separation of work and home life a little bit more.   I also always try to remember that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes and bad attitudes.