Over the last few years there has been a craze for increasing our collagen intake. Whether it is from the influencers on your Instagram feed, your aesthetician, or your girlfriends. Collagen is the new trend that all of the makeup bloggers have been promoting and adding to their shakes or coffees.

So, what exactly is collagen, and why is it the new beauty and wellness trend? Should I eat it?

Should I drink it? These are a few questions that came to my mind when I first learned about it. So here I am to tell you the truth about collagen supplements!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most important protein found in our bodies that helps give structure to our nails, hair, skin, and bones. Think of collagen as a jelly that is keeping our bones together, or glue that is keeping our skin properties together without drying out.

Collagen also helps give our hair that luxurious shine, our skin that natural glow, and our nails that healthy appearance. As we get older, we begin to lose collagen in our bodies and begin to start looking up our nearest botox clinic!

However, there are a few types of collagen that we have in our bodies. Each type of collagen helps make up various properties throughout out hair, skin, nails, and bones. 

The types of collagen generally found in skin include I, II, IV, and VII. These types of collagen help keep our skin smooth and youthful. Type I is the most important because it connects the tissues of the skin, type II is found around the eyes and nose….you get the picture. 

We need collagen to help our bodies function regularly, but I still was wondering if collagen supplements really could make our hair, skin, and nails better. Here’s what I found.

Does Collagen Work?

Lately there have been many Instagram posts about adding collagen powder to your protein shake, coffee, or even eating it in a gummy bear form. Do these supplements really work?

Although these influencers might be giving us their real opinion, you should still be a little skeptical.  After all-money talks.  I can testify for this myself.  I’ve been sponsored on Instagram and this website and while I only agree to take on products I use and believe in from the start, being sponsored by a company creates a greater appreciation for the company from my perspective.  So, when it comes to edible health and beauty products, it’s possible an influencer could have some placebo effects and think the product is better than it is because they’re sponsoring them.  

The truth of the matter is that there isn’t any evidence to support the idea that collagen supplements are beneficial for skincare purposes. The studies just don’t exist to back that up. However, other studies that have focused around joint health and shown that there is pain reduction when users took collagen supplements. Showing that the collagen probably is doing SOMETHING upon consumption.  What is it really doing and is it beneficial to your skin?  We don’t really know.

The Bottom Line:

So, is it possible collagen is beneficial for your skincare routine?  Absolutely? 

Is collagen a skincare miracle you should splurge for if you’re on a tight budget?  Maybe not.

Would I splurge on collagen?  I’m seriously considering it. Skincare is something I’ve only just started exploring and collagen supplements are definitely on my list of things to try, but as someone who only has face wash currently, they don’t take first priority. Instead I’m going to be adding in moisturizers, skin peels, and things of that nature first.  However, over the next few months, I will probably give them a try.

The Best Collagen Supplements?

From the research I’ve been doing, here are some of the collagen supplements I would consider buying.

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