Bra shopping can be so exciting. You might be looking for that perfect Friday night lingerie. You might also be looking for that comfortable workday bra that you never way to take off. Either way, you have to be purchasing the right size because if you do not, you will not feel great. Identifying the right bra size is not always easy. Especially if you do not want to go get measured in person. That is why, we’re walking you through how to identify your bra size the right way.  

Here is how to identify that you are not wearing the right size:

Your cups are not fitting- you are spilling over or not filling them

Underwire is poking into you- perhaps it is too tight

Your bra moves when you lift your arms

Your cups are wrinkling

Okay, so you have identified you need a new size, so what to do now?

First, measure around your torso, right under your bust. The tape should be snug. Round to whole numbers.

If your number is even add four inches to it and if your number is odd, add five inches to it. For example, a 32 around would make you a 36 band size and a 35 around would make you a 40 band size.

Picture is by Sophisticated Pair, Click Here To Check Out There Easy To Use Bra Calculator

Second, measure around the fullest part of your chest. Round this also to the next whole number.

Image By: Sophisticated Pair

Third, subtract the band size from step 1 from your bust measurement in step two. Utilize the chart below to identify size:

Image by: Dr. Gregory Chernoff

For example, if your bust was 39 inches and your band was 36 inches (39-3=36) then you would be a 36C

Great, I know my size, now what?

Shop! This is the fun part. Pick out all the colors and styles and designs you want so that you feel beautiful and comfortable in your new, correct bra size. And remember, it should not tug or dig into your skin or move when you move. It should sit right all day.

I hope that you are easily able to identify your bra size and that your shopping experience is fabulous because you deserve it. Enjoy!