Working at home calls for a certain level or organization and self discipline. After all, the challenge of working at home, really, is to find a way to be productive in your private space. You have to get work done in the same space where you enjoy lounging, sleeping, eating and doing everything else.  

Note: Full list is down below 😉

But just because it seems challenging at first, doesn’t mean productivity is impossible to achieve at home. In fact, the key to being an effective home-based employee is to set up your own work space, complete with office essentials. This way, you can get easily shift from a relaxed, lazy mood, to a more productive one.

Here are a few things you’ll need for your fab home office:

Computer And Internet Connection

We’re living in the age of technology where almost everything can be done digitally. Having computer and internet connection are some of the most basic things you’ll need when working at home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on your own business, or for an employer, you’ll need to have a computer to help you keep track of tasks and coordinate with other people. While this might seem basic, depending on the work you do, you might want to create a custom work space such as having dual monitors. This can help make tasks so much easier to monitor and complete. Some home-based workers also invest on a much larger monitor that they can easily plug in to their laptops. While it’s not necessarily required, having a monitor with an even bigger display makes it easier to see everything on your screen. No need to squint and allows you to avoid having computer neck.

Planner, Sticky Notes And Pens

Even though you can do a lot of things on the internet, I personally work best on paper. For this reason I really like having a planner. Even if you’re not a paper person, I would highly recommend you have pens, paper and sticky notes quickly accessible.

I personally use the bullet journal method for a planner.

Simple planners are cheap on Amazon; PlanAhead 2018

My favorite notebook to do a bullet journey is: the dotted Leuchtturm 1917

Favorite pens: Faber Castel

Printer With Scanner

Having a printer with scanner machine is important especially if your work requires you to handle important documents and make business transactions. A trusty printer machine with scanner allows you to complete a lot of transactions without having to leave the comfort of your own house. Need to sign something? Just print the document, sign and then scan it back to them.

File Storage

File storage can come in handy regardless of whether or not you have paperless work. It can help you organize and properly keep all your documents such as work contract, pay slip, project details, tax records and even photos a videos for your own personal use!

I have this external hard drive, but you can also use a cloud-based storage system.

My external hard drive: WD 4TD Black My Passport


Just like working in an office space, having a work desk in your home office also allows you to have an organized workspace to function in. It helps you to easily shift into work mode, keeping your away from the distractions of everything else in your home.

I decided to get a desk that was wide enough I could put a miniature treadmill underneath for exercising opportunities.

Sufficient Lighting

Having good lighting in your work space can boost your motivation and mood. You can achieve the right lighting in two ways: natural light or artificial light. Natural light from the sun has been proven by studies to boost concentration, productivity and motivation at work. It can also improve your mood and sleeping schedule.

On the other hand, artificial light can also be beneficial for your work space. Having an adjustable desk lamp, proper overhead lighting or other forms of artificial lighting are the second best option.

Creative Bulletin Board

If you’re a graphic designer, animator, writer, or any sort of visual/writie type person, having a creative bulletin board/white board combo can help keep your creative juices flowing. It’s kind of like a tangible version of Pinterest that you can easily modify however you want to.

Found a thought-provoking quote or some captivating image? Throw it up!

My favorite bulletin board: White Board Cork Board Combo


While some employers will allow a cellphone, having a telephone line is often required by employers. So, keep that in mind while you set up your office area.

Cute Stuff

Whatever you do with your at home work space, remember you want to make it a comfortable, fun and functional space. Some of my favorite work décor include these:

Working at home allows you to work comfortably. But, it also makes it so much easier for you to get distracted and be idle. Having the items above in your workspace can help you stay focused and effective in your work.

You can add and remove a few things on this list depending on your work’s demands and personal preference. However, if you’re still lost and confused as to where to start in your home-based journey, I’d say having these office essentials can help a lot. Good luck!

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