I-n 2017, the horror movie The Bye Bye Man was released. It grossed some 28 million dollars on an approximent 8 million dollar budget, and received a stunning overall one-star rating.  While a round of one-star reviews isn’t exactly unexpected in the budget horror genre, the movie unforuntiely didn’t do the story just.

Based on a “true” ghost story from Wisconsin in the 90’s (why do weird things always happen in the midwest?) the “real” story is far spookier than the movie it morphed into. Keep reading if you want to hear the ghost story.


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Once upon a time, in the fall of 1990 in a small town known as Sun Prairie, Wisconsin a gradute student and two of his roomates were gifted a Ouija board.

Found in an attic, the board was old and antique.  It reeked of must and the ancient mystery of it peaked the interest of the three friends.

One day, the three friends, perhaps pushed by boredem and a list of studies to complete, decided, as many college students would, to experiment with the board. Ironically they didn’t want to talk to the dead, but simply were interested in testing the ideomotor effect. The science attributed to the ghostly movement of the planchette. 


They used the board in various ways keeping track of the answers by writing them down and eventually they began to play blindfolded and in the dark with only one friend having a flashlight in order to see the answers. When they began comparing the answers later they were shocked to discover that they were consistently making contact with an entity.

That entity was calling itself the “Spirit of the Board” and he was limiting the other entities allowed to communicate with the students.  The ones that did have access to the board were not spirits that had ever lived as humans.  Rather they described themselves as a type of body-less consciousness.  Some in the Christian world might call these demons.

The Spirit of the Board only allowed contact to 8 different entities. Each identifiable by unique personalities.  When the students asked why these were the only they could talk to, they were told it was to protect them from the dangerous ones.

Eager to talk to an actual ghost they kept pushing the Spirit of the Board to allow them to contact others so that they could get details and try to verify the information to prove to themselves and others that the board was real.

Session over session they begged the board to allow them to talk to a ghost and but instead of allowing them to chat with a ghost, the board began to tell the story of the Bye-Bye man.

An albino orphan born in Louisiana turned serial killer.

Hopping trains to get around, The Bye-Bye Man could hone in anyone thinking about him.  With ease he and his companion: Gloomsinger-a doll made from the eyes and tongues of his victims, could quickly find the next offender, and kill them.  Once dead, their organs would be added to the Sack of Gore a bag possessing the organs of every victim.

Eventually one of the students asked what happened to the Bye-Bye Man, and the Spirit of the Board told him that he was now in Chicago, had heard their thoughts of him, and was coming closer.

If you want to read more than a condesnsed snipit check out the full book.  Note that the low reviews seem to be due to the book not being in story form, but more of a newspaper form, so just be aware of that.