“I can’t wait to lace up my sneakers and trudge through an inch of snow, fall into a freezing mud puddle and slip on unforeseen ice and fall on my face!” said no one, ever.

Isn’t it hard enough just lacing up your sneakers? No one really wants to exercise in the wintertime, but it is one of the better seasons to kick start a decent cardio regimen. The air is crisp, there’s little to no competition for the nearest track or trail, and the over-abundance of wintertime desserts aren’t near as guilt-ridden.

The most difficult part of hitting the pavement in the winter (besides actually doing it) is arguably finding clothes to wear.  After all, you need to find clothes that will provide enough support, stamina and weather resistance while you’re making your butt and thighs look fabulous.

Through a little research I’ve found that there’s a list of bells and whistles that I’d like in my winter athletic clothes.  But, those features don’t’ always match what I’m willing to spend.

I mean, yeah, it’s nice to have a $100 pair of leggings that provide top notch quality and materials. But, it’s also nice to have an extra $100.

With that in mind, I decided to search for the perfect winter leggings based on three important factors.

The first factor is sizing.

Are the running pants created for people who aren’t just smalls and mediums?  Will they work for lots of types of people?

Second- quality and functionality.

Obviously winter leggings need to be made for winter.  If it’s cold, raining, or snowing, will you be soaked and uncomfortable? What other functionality do they have? Do they have at least one pocket? Are they high waisted, breathable, made of high quality?

Third, I’m looking for leggings that are affordable.

No, you might not be able to get the highest quality athletic clothes for $10, but are they worth $20, $30, or $50?

Based on those criteria here are some of the top leggings I found on Amazon.

These first leggings, are moderately priced which is nice.  They come in sizes up to XXL and there are 5 different designs to choose from, including an adorable marble pattern, which I adore because I will shamelessly waltz into a coffee shop post-workout and begin my “cool down” with a drink and a self-rewarded sit down.

These tummy control workout/running leggings reach all the way down your legs to protect those already sore calves and offer what they call a “4 way stretch”.

I should also mention they are non see-through so no need to be timid if you have to hit an extra hamstring stretch mid-run. Overall they hit all three of my most  important elements to buying winter running leggings.

Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Leggings


This next pair comes in an unreasonable amount of choices and is highly affordable. This might be my favorite out of the three I’m comparing because not only does it fulfill my list, it supplies more than enough features.

Suggesting to order up one size from what you would normally buy might be good advice for lots of this style and they offer up to large, so for my plus size sisters, there are plenty of other options but they may just surprise you and if you decide to buy one of each style, just send these back in exchange for another.

I am that confident that out of these three you will find at least one that works beautifully for your shape and lifestyle.

They are specifically designed for winter weather with moisture wicking, heat retention and thermal heat adaption. 

I also am really into the fact that they have a skirt with attached leggings option which you don’t see all the time.

Lastly, a really neat part is that it’s made of anti-microbial deodorization fabric ‘cause a girl be sweating and no one needs to smell anything other than MAYBE my coffee breath when it’s all said and done.

TSLA Women’s Thermal Wintergear Pants


The last pair is a trusted brand and made for runners and cyclers alike.

I enjoy the addition of reflective pieces and the zippers just to supply another option for breathability and so you’re not having to sit, lie down  or grunt as you peel them off when all you want to do is start your shower.

They are fleece on the inside and that has me really wanting them for winter. All the options are for different accents and not colors of the actual pants but who really cares more about that than if they are excellent for winter circumstances?

All in all, a very good, mid-range priced pair of running tights that will probably last for the next few winters considering their style, makeup and comfortability.

Baleaf  Thermal Fleece Athletic Running Cycling Tights