You’ve probably seen a post or two about what successful people do in the first hour of their day, but maybe not so much about what they do in the first hour of work.  How you spend you morning though can really impact how your overall day goes and what all you’re able to accomplish.  After all, your day is in your hands!

.I’m not going to lie, it’s easy to get caught up in playing catch up in the morning.  After all, emails and phone calls don’t make themselves.  Just tell yourself that those can wait (because they can) and get your morning started the right way!

Here’s how:

Make Your Coworkers Feel Important

Instead of rushing into your own work, take some time to acknowledge the people you work with! Not only is it generally nice to have a connection with the humans you spend 40+ hours per week with, but it’s important to how you’re perceived in the office as well.  When you take the initiative to acknowledge people, ask about their lives and let them know that they’re thought of and appreciated you’re likely to be seen as a leader.  Obviously being perceived as a leader, a friend and a good coworker can all go a long ways in being successful at work.

Take Time to Clean Your Work Space

Hopefully you had time to fix yesterday’s chaos before you left, but if not take a few minutes to make sure your desk is clean and organized.  The last thing you need is to have a cluttered work space that is distracting.

Update Your To-Do List

When you get to your desk take a few moments to update your to-do list to reflect any changes that need to happen today.  If you know what you need to focus on and you’ve already double checked it, your mind will be free to truly put the effort where effort is needed.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Your daily tasks should be prioritized, starting with the one task you’re least excited about. One of the biggest mistakes is doing the little easy things first thing in the morning with the idea that the afternoon will be for the big tasks.  Don’t do this! Often after lunch, your stomach will be digesting food and then you’ll get tired, and you’ll be watching the clock waiting to go home.  Make sure you get done the harder tasks to get a bite of success early in the day.

Don’t Take Your Emails Too Seriously

Like I mentioned earlier, it can be super easy to jump into emails without a second thought.  However, it’s more productive to prioritize emails based on time-sensitivity.  Answer those first, and then put the others off until after you’ve accomplished your harder daily tasks.

Get In The Mood

It might sound silly, but work can become a “hustle” and “the grind” far too easily.  Take some time to think about your life and the choices you’re making in life to set the mood for your morning.  This might look like gratitude or a few moments of meditation. Whatever it is for you, make sure it’s a time where you re-connect with yourself and ground yourself in your reality before taking on the world.  This will help you start the day with a sense of purpose and lead to productivity.

What do you do the first hour of work and does it work for you?  Let me know in the comments below.

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