“Social media is so fake”

“Facebook is just the highlights of everyone’s life”

“I never know what to post…”


If you’ve ever caught yourself saying something along these lines, it is likely that you are frustrated and overwhelmed by social media and how fabricated it can all seem. The vacation pics, the life events, relationships, booty pics, all of it. It can be very easy to get distraught by not feeling like you have anything exciting to share on social media compared to what you see posted every day.

Even if you are a conscious of the comparison game and try to avoid it, “when you’re all alone in the wee hours of the morning, the tall tales people tell on social media can make your own life seem insignificant by comparison”, according to Psychology Today.

Fortunately, a simple switch in perception can help you get back to enjoying social media, instead of resentful for it.


Social media is a tool for connection and entertainment, it is not inherently good or evil. Is it possible to curate a more meaningful social media experience that creates better connection with others… without having to flex, brag or lie.

Here’s a couple tips on how to completely transform the way you use social media and the results you get from it. Spoiler alert: It’s all about forming deeper, meaningful & more transparent connections.


Share Your Realness

If you are frustrated that everybody uses social media just to be fake, brag, or sell something, challenge yourself to fix that! At the very least, in YOUR immediate circle.

Share your realness! What’s fresh for you? What have you been thinking about? What are some of your successes AND some of your failures?

If you’ve ever talked to anyone who has a successful/viral following, asking them how they accomplished it, they usually answer with, “I’m not sure! I just shared my story and people started following me!”

A good example of this is founder of IFBB Pro Body Builder, Kaelin Tuell Poulin, who shares her story that she made it her mission to lose 65 pounds and was completely transparent of that journey on her social media.


She posted everything she ate and a #gymselfie of every workout, however that looked. This lead to her large following and her ultimately creating LadyBoss Lifestyle – a global weight loss and support system for women.

Likely being fed up with fabricated television and weight loss product ads, thousands were attracted to her realness and vulnerability.

To this day, Tuell is still transparent about successes, setbacks, trips to the gym and days she eats donuts and doesn’t get out of bed.



It can seem daunting to be vulnerable on social media, but as humans, we need that connection with others!

Most of us scroll through Facebook looking for something new/different – but are often greeted with the same old, same old on our timelines.

Be willing to go first in the realm of authenticity on social media….you might just make a friend or two.


Express Your Talents/Be Of Service

Every person has something unique to give in this world – and that’s no different for social media. In the same realm of sharing your realness, you will enjoy social media more if you feel like you are contributing something meaningful to you.

This inevitably attract others with similar interests. Are you a good writer?

Share your latest work. Do you make funny internet videos? I hear those are pretty popular… Are you handy/craftsy?

Share that skill with others!

When expressing yourself on social media becomes daunting, it may be because you’re thinking of it as “open mic night” where the whole audience is staring at you and you have a microphone in your hand.

What can be helpful is to instead visualize your community seated in a circle where a collaborative effort to educate and appreciate is made.

What you put into social media (as well as with most things in the world), is what you get out of it.

Share your voice with your community because I guarantee it’ll help someone.

Be Kind

I shouldn’t have to explain this one too much.

Social media gets a lot of flack about being a narcissist’s playground or a place where cyber bullying can breed. This is true, if narcissistic and bullies use it.

Whatever you share, be authentic and be kind at the same time. It’s possible. I believe the world can be a better place when good, kind people use platforms to share their ideas.


At the end of the day, social media can be an incredible tool for socializing, learning and having fun. However, be aware of what is called “social snacking” online. This is where you scroll though small interacts or read other’s, but never fully engage in genuine conversation yourself.

If you ever feel lonelier after using social media, it could be because you are attempting to use it as a replacement for genuine, in-person connections, according to Psychology Today. It is a great supplement to your every day life, and you have the power to change the way it is used.

You have an impact on the world simply by having internet access.

Believe that!


Contributing Author

Katie Skinner Herr

Owner Of Guts And Glory Coaching

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