Yes. Radishes can be keto friendly and extremely healthy. 

If you love radishes like I do, never fear, this is a healthy vegetable that you don’t need to give up on Keto.  

How Many Carbs Are In Radishes?

One Ounce Of Radishes Has: 

1.3 Carbs

0.7 Net Carbs


One Cup Of Radishes Has: 

4 Carbs

2 Net Carbs


Remember that in Keto we track net carbs which are total carbs- fiber.  In the case of a radish, almost half of the carbs come from fiber. Which is awesome since we want a high amount of fiber every day! 


How Many Radishes Can I Have In A Day Of Keto? 

Generally speaking, I normally only eat one or two radishes a day.  This tends to be a good amount to get the nutrients and keep the carbs low. 

However, the best way for you to find out how many radishes to eat in a day, is to plan out your meals using a food tracker. This will let you get a picture of your entire day so you can adjust your meal plans before you dig in if you need to. 

The Best Way To Eat Radishes On Keto

The most common way to eat radishes is going to be raw on salad, but my absolute favorite way to eat them is to use them like potatoes with my eggs.  Dice them up and cook them in a little bit of oil until soft with some garlic. They are a little spicy, but surprisingly more potato like than you’d think! You can also stir fry them up with a variety of vegetable and meat dishes. 

Also don’t forget the tops! Radish tops are extremely nutritious and low carb.  Try them in a radish top soup with a bit of heavy cream and some spices!