I know I’ve talked about Harry Potter WAYYY too much on my site.

But, I just got back from my first trip to Harry Potter World in Orlando Florida and I am still SHOOOK. I didn’t do a lot of research before I went, so I was amazed at the way the park was laid out and the detail that was put into everything. More than anything though, I was amazed at how much it reignited my passion for the Harry Potter series.

Today, Pottery Barn Teen announced their new Harry Potter collection and in light of my recent trip I was dying to check it out.

Although these are kind of expensive, I might buy a few of my favorites because I’m an impulse buyer who can’t resist adorableness.

While you can click on over and check out the products for yourself on Pottery Barn (and I would suggest you do so), here are a few of my favorite pieces!

You can check out everything here.

Also, shout out to Bustle where I first heard of this!

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