Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn

If you grew up in the ‘90s and 2000’s there’s a good chance you were team Harry Potter. And a lot of us who lived this era still harbor a deep love for the magical wizarding world that J.K. Rowling created. As “adults” now, it’s harder than ever to live out the fantastical wizarding world, but one easy solution is to sprinkle some Potter into your life with Pottery Barn (#notspons).

Pottery Barn has three collections that are in collaboration with Warner Bros, making the Pottery Barn Harry Potter Collection official. Pottery Barn Teen actually started this trend in 2017 and after their limited edition success you can now find Harry Potter décor, dinnerware, bedding, trinkets and furniture at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teens, and Pottery Barn Kids.

The Harry Potter Pottery Barn pieces are lovely because they don’t feel super cheap, fake, overly geeky, or corny. You can add pieces to your space for a subtle and sophisticated hit of HP magic. And if Harry Potter isn’t your thing (doubtful considering you clicked on this article and read this far), there are still plenty of unique and fun pieces you can add to your space that don’t scream “I’m A Harry Potter Nerd Hear Me Roar”.


The Harry Potter Pottery Barn Collection


These bedding options are found on PBteen, but you can still totally integrate them into an adult bedroom space.

Photo: Pottery Barn

Magical Velvet Quilt + Sham

Photos: Pottery Barn

Top: Great Hall Bed

 Bottom: Patronus Damask Duvet + Sham

Room Decor

This part of the Harry Potter collection is also found at PBteen.  The jewelry storage pieces are exquistitely gorgeous. I live in a tiny house so I don’t really get to buy a lot of decor, but I’m getting the Hedwig Jewelry Cage and Flying Key Hooks for my vanity area for sure! 

Photos: Pottery Barn

Top: Hedwig Jewelry Cage

 Bottom: Harry Potter Canisters

Photos: Pottery Barn

Top: Quidditch Hoops Jewelry Holder

 Bottom: Hogwarts Pendant

Photo: Pottery Barn

Flying Key Jewelry Hooks


We’ve finally made it to good old fashioned Pottery Barn. The dinning set is actually suprising to me as it’s definitely Harry Potter.  So if you’re looking for more sutble splashes of home magic, I would refer back to the jewelery stoage options in PB teen that I’m drooling over. 

Photo: Pottery Barn

Hogwarts Candlepot

Photos: Pottery Barn

Top: House Crest Tumblers

 Bottom: I Solemnly Swear Plates

Photos: Pottery Barn

Top: Sorting Hat Snack Server

 Bottom: Golden Snitch Snack Bowl