Have you ever been curious if it’s possible to find Organic weighted blankets? We were too, so we did some research to try and see if we could find weighted blankets made of organic fabrics. Here’s what we found:

While many companies are moving towards the green movement and encouraging individuals in their pursuit to return to all-natural products, weighted blanket companies, for the most part, haven’t embraced this trend. Organic Weighted Blankets should be made from all natural fibers preferably responsibly sourced and glass beads should be used in place of poly pellets. This is a great option for people with allergies or those looking to avoid excess exposure to plastics and other man-made chemicals.  Unfortunately, organic weighted blankets are a rarity in the pre-made weighted blanket world. One company you can try is https://www.sensorygoods.com.  I don’t know too much about this company, but it does look like they have good reviews on their organic blankets.  If you would rather, Etsy also has sellers who will make a custom organic weighted blanket for you.  Using Etsy is a great opportunity to be super specific about your needs. However, you’ll typically have to wait awhile for custom made products.