Underarm perspiration is embarrassing and something no one really likes to talk about, in fact, it’s better to pretend it doesn’t happen.

Even when you take a few seconds out of your morning routine to put on a few swipes of deodorant, it seems that by the afternoon hours, it’s no longer holding up. You’re sneaking off to a corner to quietly check your armpits and make sure it isn’t you giving off the odd smell of B.O. Deodorant is supposed to fight against the horrors of being the smelly one in the crowd but there are still ingredients that manufacturers to use that could be causing more harm than good.


Chemical Free Deodorant Is Worth Looking Into


In the natural beauty and hygiene world, nothing is off limits. From body wash to facial wash, companies and brands are noticing the need for people to incorporate more natural elements in their routines.

Underarms are no exception to the equation and have become a hot topic even if sweaty pits aren’t a favorite topic. Noticing the need to equip consumers with a solution to end embarrassing sweat stains on their underarms and provide coverage that lasts, many startups and even existing deodorant companies have been moving away from aluminum (which has links to Alzheimers), as well as parabens, phthalates and even talc. 

Most natural deodorant companies have yet to make a “natural” product as well loved as the currently trending Native Deodorant though.  

What exactly is Native deodorant? “Native is formulated with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and arrowroot powder, both of which provide wetness absorption, as well as several different oils, including the now-ubiquitous coconut oil. It also contains less natural-sounding ingredients like capric triglyceride, which is a skin conditioner, and stearyl alcohol, which is generally used as a product stabilizer.” Basically, it’s an all-natural deodorant with no toxic chemicals that irritate your skin and work against the B.O. that your body wants to produce. 


Learn more about Native and its founders, ingredients, and subscriptions by clicking here


But Does It ACTUALLY Work?

So here are some pros, Native fragrances are subtle and the application is smooth and easy.  It also seems to get great reviews on Amazon from people testifying to its effectiveness.  In fact, it seems to have some of the best ratings for a natural deodorant of any other listed on Amazon (when looking at the number of reviews and stars-Native has a solid 4 star).


Cons? It’s more expensive than a lot of “mainstream deodorant like Secret or Dove.  There are also a good handful of one star reviews from people who it just didn’t work for. 


Is it worth trying?  This editor thinks it is-if you can afford it. Why? Because if Native works for you, it a good alternative to other natural deodorants (and within the same price range), and it’s definitely better for you than mainstream deodorant.  Is there a chance it won’t work? Definitely! But you won’t know until you try.