Weighted Blankets, like any other blanket, can be made from different types of fabric. While cotton is the most popular type of fabric for weighted blankets, there’s also been an uprising in demand for minky blankets, and for good reason.

Minky fabrics are made from 100% polyester and are thicker and softer than fleece. For comparison, this is the type of fabric you’d expect to find when feeling all the baby blankets in the store (you know you do that). These soft blankets are perfect for people with sensitive skin because they are silkier than a traditional fleece and thus less irritating.

Minky Weighted Blankets are especially well suited for cold weather, but not so great for the heat (cotton weighted blankets are a better bet there). The texture of the minky fabric is well designed to keep in warmth and the poly pellets inside the blanket provide extra comfort on cold nights. Also, in case you’re worried, minky fabrics are easy to wash and are often machine washable. My favorite place to buy weighted blankets is Mosaic Blankets and they have tons of blankets made of minky fabrics.  Check them out here!