AHHH!!!! You guys! It’s that time of the year again when Lush puts out their Halloween collection and I’m stoked!


Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year.


I just love the spooky… and the excuse to dress up….even as an adult.


I think I just had an epiphany about cosplay and I think I might have to try it.


Besides being a Halloween fan I’m also a huge Lush fan.


Specifically, I’m a big Lush bath bomb fan.  I even watch those weird awesome bath bomb trial videos.


Lush has so far only given sneak peaks of the Halloween collection on Instagram.



Because I’m obsessed though, I did some additional research (thanks bustle and allure) and came up with the (supposed) full list of all the items Lush will be putting out!


So, first off, which items am I looking forward to the most?!

Obviously the bath bombs

  1. Secret Arts Jelly Bomb ($8.95) — This bomb turns your bath water black AND has a name straight out of Harry Potter.
  2. Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb ($7.95) — The primary smell is grapefruit oil and while I obviously love it (it’s a bath bomb remember), I’m conflicted with the fact that it doesn’t smell like ectoplasm ( I hope you sense the sarcasm).
  3. Pumpkin Bath Bomb ($7.75) — #basicbitch.  So obviously I need it.
  4. Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb ($7.75) — A favorite in the Lush world…. Personally it’s never been my first pick.
  5. Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb ($7.95) — He Is SOOOOO CUTE!

Then we get the soaps and bubble bars

  1. Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel (Varies) — Like the bath bomb…
  2. Magic Wand Soap ($6.95) — This soap is made with pomegranate and charcoal and sounds like Harry Potter so yes please.
  3. Hedgewitch Soap ($7.95) — Once again this one sounds Harry Potterish so I’m in.
  4. Bewitched Bubble Bar ($7.95) — This bubble bar is shaped like a cat. Super cute.
  5. Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95) — Classic.
  6. Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95) — A pink alternative… I think their trying too hard here….


Lastly, we are accosted with the makeup stuffs.

To be honest, I’ve never tried any of their makeup items, so these don’t excite me much, but here they are.
  1. Black Rose Lip Tint ($9.95) — Looks black, but is actually dark rose.
  2. Black Rose Naked Lip Tint ($9.95) – ???????
  3. Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub ($6.95) –I’ve never tried a lip scrub, but maybe now I will.
  4. Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar ($7.95) — ……Goth Fairy sounds like a good Halloween costume.- I’m Assuming this is a highlighter.Just looking at all these products makes me feel stressed about draining my bank account (which I don’t recommend doing-only buy what you can afford).

I’m definitely going to be getting a few of the bath bombs… probably the black ones, and also a pumpkin bubble bar.

I’ll also definitely be lusting after everything else.

As far as I can tell the line will launch online on September 11th….

How do you guys feel about the Lush Halloween stuff?

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