There is no denying that we are a cohort of beauty lovers obsessed with our eyebrows. There are brow products everywhere. Pencils, gels, pomades, powders, spoolies, and more. It is an entire subset of makeup products that we are purchasing to manage the small hairs above our eyes. We are bought and we love it. And if you’ve ever had a terrible brow day, you know the pain and self-consciousness that can occur-which brings us to microblading.

If you remember when everyone was talking about tattooing on their eyeliner, you’ll have the general understanding of the blow-up trend microblading is and the gist of what is involved. 

Yes-Microblading is a type of makeup tattoo. While not permanent, microblading uses a tiny blade to cut the skin and implant pigment. It allows the brows to appear more shaped (if you have a good technician) and they are tinted to your preferred color. Think about all those products you’ll no longer need to apply every day. This is the upside. The downside is that you have to let it wear off for months if you aren’t impressed. But hey! It does wear off eventually.

So, is microblading worth it?

Microblading, is perhaps most “worth it” if you have almost non-existent brows. Microblading in this case will allow you to create natural looking eyebrows that would be fairly difficult with products at home. Seriously, google the before and after images. It is incredible.

It may also be worth it if you’re the lazy type. Not calling anyone out because 90% of the time I roll out of bed, call the messy bun I slept in “good enough” and go. So for us, yes, microblading might also be your new best friend.

Lastly, microblading might be worth it if you struggle to shape your brows. Along with being lazy, I also have this problem.  My brows are as fat as caterpillars but not very long-so they look pretty stupid-and the fact that my brows are coarse and wiry doesn’t help. One wrong pluck and you’ve got a huge hole in your brow.

P.S- If you also struggle with brows like these may I introduce you to the term “pubic hair brows” which I use to describe mine every day.

We’ve talked a little about who might *most* benefit from microblading.  But what about who might not find it worth it?

Microblading may not be worth it for you if

you are on a budget. Many people find budget to be the biggest limiting factor on whether or not they’re able to invest in new brows.

Microblading is not cheap. It can be hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, depending on where you go. And it requires at least one-but sometimes multiple follow-ups after the effects begin to fade. AKA: It can break the bank for a lot of young people.

If budget isn’t a concern-(I don’t know you) but you might find that you’re not interested in getting microbladed if you don’t want bold eyebrows. Especially initially. Microblading typically starts out a lot darker than your “preferred color” because it fades.

If you start out too light you’ll have to spend more money reapplying more frequently….which most people aren’t down for just because it takes time if nothing else.  In fact the first appointment can take a few hours.

Ultimately, you get to decide that microblading is the next step in your beauty routine. It, like everything else, works well for some and not for others. If your heart is set on it-do it.

The important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin!