You’ve probably already heard a million and one times that even as a new college grad, you need to have a presence on LinkedIn.

Upload that professional photo, fill out the info and exaggerate just a little bit to add some flare to your profile.

Then you sit back and watch the job notifications roll into your email with little or no hope of ever qualifying to get the job you really want.  (Maybe this is just my life?).

What most of us aren’t told though, is that LinkedIn actually has some really cool features that can use to make yourself stand out from all the other new grads.  

1 Keep Up To Date

LinkedIn not only has a trending storylines feature that was recently releases to keep you up to date on your industry news, but it’s also a good idea to follow influencers and companies in the industry you want to work in.  This will allow you to follow the trends.

2. Be Social

Take some time every day to be social on LinkedIn.  Remember, at its core LinkedIn is a social media website.  Share stories within your industry, and comment and like posts within your network.  This can be the best way to show off your qualities and make new connections in your industry.

3 Keep learning!

I recently learned that LinkedIn has a learning section that offers a TON of courses in all sorts of industries.  Just like and other platforms for continuing education, it does cost, but you can get one month for free. USE IT!

When I graduated with a marketing degree I learned companies wanted me to have photo editing and video editing skills because of the emphasis on visual components of sales.   Learning this and then having access to a free Photoshop course would have been amazing.

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