A lot of us apply makeup daily. However, when Halloween rolls around, it’s common for even those comfortable with makeup to get frustrated with their Halloween looks because the quality of the makeup products isn’t that great, and a lot of times it sweats off, cracks or gets messed up before you can show it off. But when you start to think about makeup application, the same rules apply when it comes to Halloween makeup. So, today I wanted to point out three steps that can help keep your makeup where it’s supposed to be.

Primer: Just like with everyday makeup, make sure to use a makeup primer.  Also, if you’re using glitter makeup, make sure to choose a glitter primer which will work more like a glue.

Foundation: Use foundation to create a base to apply the Halloween makeup to. Whatever, color makeup you plan on using, use a similar colored foundation if possible.  For instance, if you plan on doing a white base, use a pale foundation so the paint doesn’t have to cover as much. You can also color correct using concealer if needed.

Set It: Depending on the look you’re doing, you’ll want to set your face either after doing your foundation or after finishing the whole look. You can use powder and/or setting spray to ensure everything stays where it should. If you’re using minimalist amounts of Halloween makeup and your foundation is the base for the look, it’s best to wait until the entire look is done to set it.  If however you’re layering a full face of Halloween colors on over the foundation it might be best to set your foundation with power and then gently sponge the color on over the foundation, finishing off with a setting spray.

Following all the above steps will help your Halloween makeup stay steady instead of sweating off during a party or while you are out trick or treating.

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