Finding the place where you belong in college is so easy for some people, but for others, like me, it wasn’t such an easy task.  In fact, many people end up going through a bunch of friend groups before they figure out where they belong. So, if you’re at college and you’re concerned that you haven’t found that group yet, don’t be.  Everyone has a place where they belong. It is just a matter of not giving up.

Always Be You

There’s no use in hanging out with people who don’t accept who you are, so be you, be unapologetically you – This way, you’re sure to find the right kind of people who’ll always be there and who’ll always be a true friend.

Give off a positive vibe

You attract the same vibes you give off; a smile can go a long way. It’s okay if you’re cheery or happy all the time, not everyone is. But when it comes in making friends people tend to be more drawn and most likely want to be friends with someone that lifts them up.


Yes, is like a magic word. You open a whole new world of opportunities once you say yes. But keep in mind, to only say yes to the right things, say yes to new group activities, say yes to coffee and lunch plans, say yes to meetings and outings. Saying yes to new adventures opens a new way to meeting new people and making friends.

Join clubs and group activities

Joining College clubs and other activities helps you find people you have similar interests with, it can also help widen your circle of friends.

“Live every moment, grab every opportunity, and have fun in everything you do. The friends you meet in college will be your friends for life.” – (Sydney White 2007)

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