How to Find a Job That Is Purposeful

Landing your dream job is an experience that happens to few people. When job hunting, it’s easy to get caught-up in an inner battle between practicality and passion. Although passion for work is important, most people choose the job that is practical and pays well. After all, passion cannot pay the bills.

Despite having a job that pays well, it can be frustrating to keep working on a job you’re not enthusiastic about. It’s stressful, unfulfilling, and can lead to burn out. Your purpose is important in everything, even at work.

Having purpose gives you the direction you need to land your dream job. If you haven’t found your work purpose yet, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to figure out what the next step for your career is.

What Are You Good At?

What are your skills and hobbies? What are your interests? Go back to doing the things you used to love before you were consumed by work. It could mean going back to square one, especially if you haven’t done these activities in a while. However, doing the things you love reignites your creativity and zest for life.

It’s easy to neglect the things you love when pursuing a career, and if you’ve fallen into this trap, it’s important to find that joy again. This is the best point to start if you’re planning a major shift in your career. Ask yourself what you’re good at, create your goals, and keep chasing them.

What Do You Want To Learn?

There are things that you’re naturally good at, but most skills take some practice. Just because you’re not naturally a wiz at something, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it. So, ask yourself, what are the skills you want to learn? What are ideas or places you want to explore? What are questions you’ve want answers to?

Consider the things that you’ve always wanted to learn, and start learning now. It’s never too late for you to grow as a person by acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills. With Youtube, Podcasts and audiobooks there’s no excuse to put off learning something new now.

What Are Your Philanthropy Goals?

We all have our wants and needs, but what are you passionate about in terms of serving others?

Do you have personal values that you want in your new career? Are you passionate about women’s rights, the environment or clean water? Do you want to work with people who are also passionate about those same issues? If you know what your personal values are, you can use those standards to find companies that have a philanthropic focus in same areas your passionate about.  Knowing the company you work for is donating time, money and other resources to your cause can give you a sense of purpose, even when you’re doing tasks you’re not passionate about.

If there’s one thing you need to know now, it is that there are no wrong answers to these questions. You are never too old or young to start doing what you love. You are not wrong for wanting to find purpose in your career.

Your career is something that’s supposed to be fulfilling. Adulthood requires us to work for years in order to grow. If you’re going to spend your life doing something, you might as well choose something that’ll make you happy at the end of the day.

Passion doesn’t always pay well. But life is more than paying the bills.

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