Everyone has bad habits, and I think I speak for most when I say that it’s not easy to break them. Sometimes, you manage to break one bad habit just to repeat it again months later, it’s a never ending cycle. Bad habits are not only frustrating, but they can prevent you from being productive and living life as you should be.

I have a few bad habits of my own, slouching, getting up late, and the worst one of all is the “ Mañana Habit”  (Mañana in Spanish means tomorrow). I always postpone things for the next day, I always say “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” or “I’ll start exercising tomorrow”.

One day I made a firm decision to take control of my life and stop my bad habits.

The only problem was, stopping a bad habit that you’ve been used to for a long time is really hard, while it’s still tough, it is possible to defeat bad habits by replacing them with good habits.

If you’re wondering how that works: It’s technically called the ACT method.


Acknowledge your bad habits.

We all notice our bad habits, even if we’re denying it to ourselves. The 1st step in breaking your bad habit is acknowledging it and actually accepting the fact that what you’re doing is not good for your health, profession or lifestyle.

Once you correctly know what your bad habits are the easier it will be to identify your triggers. What is triggering you to continually act out your bad habits? Ask yourself, are you getting comfort over this bad habit? Why do you need it?

If you’re providing reasons to justify your bad habits, then all the more reason for you to self-reflect. If you’ve been having Mcdonalds, In-N-Out or Nandos every day because you don’t have the time, well you might want to take a look at your routine or your schedule, maybe there are a few more bad habits you’d like to change.


Change your bad habits to good habits.

Change is always constant in our lives. We need to change our bad habits to good ones. Exchange all the negatives to positives.

For example, one bad habit of mine is staying up far too late (because I work as a blogger and I can), and then expecting to fresh as a daisy at my 5AM up to (which turns into a 9 AM).. Maybe this doesn’t sound like a huge issue, but I’m most productive and I feel healthiest when I get up, go through a morning routine and start my day off right.  So why do I stay up so late? Partially I stay up late working, but I also stay up late binge watching Netflix or even listening to podcasts.  Not all of these activities are “bad” but the act of making an excuse to stay up late definitely is.

So, I exchanged the time when I start watching Netflix, or doing more work for a bed time routine in which I’m not allowed to use electronics and that has made a huge difference to the time I go to bed and naturally I wake up earlier!


Trust yourself

You can take all the steps and measures to break your bad habit, but if you don’t trust that you can actually change then you won’t change. You’ll keep on relapsing and the cycle will never end.

You have to trust yourself that you can do it, you can lose those ten pounds you keep on trying to exercise for. You can get a full 8 hour sleep. You can be healthier. Just trust yourself that you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

In the end we all have our own ways on breaking bad habits, you can start bit by bit, but the important thing is to actually start. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself.  So maybe you haven’t started getting up at 5 AM yet and doing yoga on the beach.  That’s okay, celebrate the small wins.  Going to bed at 10 PM instead of 3AM, or drinking one less soda. I hope these tips were helpful in your journey to become a better you. Just remember to be consistent and always trust that you can do it.

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