To encourage more high demand jobs in a local town, one community grant changed the game for those seeking a career in aviation.

After receiving a grant for $500,000 from the Wichita Community Foundation, WSU Tech created opportunity to move more individuals to the city for work opportunities.

The creation of a new aviation program is on the rise and aims to break barriers and provide opportunities for individuals in Wichita, Kansas.

What’s even better is that the program will pay you to move to Wichita and participate in their program, what more could you ask for?

The Promise MOVE Program at WSU Tech is offering opportunities for individuals to gain hands on experience in the aviation field and guarantees job placement upon completion.

After a successful launch, the program is preparing for its second year of the aviation program and making it easy for all applicants and future students. In addition to relocation costs, the MOVE Program is a scholarship that will handle tuition and fees costs and living expenses during the program.

With companies like Spirit Airlines announcing an opening for more than 1,000 jobs, Wichita is providing a solution. Making sure that students have not only the opportunity but also gain the knowledge, the MOVE program is bridging the gap and bringing students closer to the opportunity to land a rewarding career.

With massive success in the first year of the MOVE program, all 50 participants were offered jobs with Spirit Aerosystems as well as Textron Aviation.

The school is keeping the scholarship and program going to encourage students to seek nontraditional careers. “This fall the only program eligible for the new scholarship will be aviation sheet metal mechanic, said WSU Tech spokesman Andy McFayden. The school hopes to expand the initiative to include other programs such as CNC machine operation, composite fabrication, surgical technology or dental assistant.”

This program will not only help connect students with an aviation career but also promote economical acceleration of the city. By recruiting individuals from other states and cities and paying for their expenses, WSU is eliminating a major barrier and removing excuses from why a person may not consider Wichita to propel their career forward.

If you’re interested in the aviation field and ready to pack your bags for Wichita, Kansas, apply for the program or request more information about the program by using this form.