AHHHHH I’m so excited!!!!  A company called Black Milk has rolled out a line of Harry Potter inspired clothes-and I’m in love.

This line actually came out over a month ago (and sold out right away), but being on summer vacation it wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed some of the amazing pieces on Instagram.

As someone who prefers to go unnoticed, I’m not a huge fan of the extremely popular (and bright colored) leggings, but I did find several of the more subdue pieces to fit my fancy. They are a bit out of my normal budget, but I still might splurge on one.

Here are my top favorite pieces!

I’m a huge fan of simple graphic T-shirts, so naturally I was immediately drawn to this shirt! As a fashion-challenged person, I also love that it comes in black and white so I don’t have to try and match it.

The next outfit that I was immediately drawn to is this cute owl top.

I’m not generally a fan of skirts because I’m horrible at  being a “lady” (AKA: I end up showing off my underwear), but I would definitely wear this one.

I’m also not huge dress wearer for the same reasons as above…. however, once again I would put aside my dignity to wear this one.

The last item that I’m absolutely in love with is this drape shirt. Not only because it’s cute, but because it looks super-duper comfortable.

Have you checked out the different options at Black Milk?  If so, what items are your favorite?

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