Want To Be A Guest Blogger?

One thing I’m super passionate about is making sure my audience always has content to consume.  But, just being one girl means that I have limited time to produce that content. That combined with my desire to spotlight YOU has led me to open my site for guest posting.

Who Can Guest Post?

While every site is different, on kelseaventures.com I currently only allow bloggers and content creators to guest post.  The biggest reason for this, is that it would take a ton of staff power to go through guest submissions from a larger pool of people.

Submit your pitch to:


How It Works

Because my name IS the site, I am a little picky with guest blog posts.  Because of that I like to outline how everything works so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

1. You submit a pitch for any topic I cover (see menu above). Along with the pitch include your blog or if you produce other types of content submit that (quizzes, videos, etc). I will review your blog (or other content) and make sure your writing style and personal tone fit with my site and approve (or won’t approve) your pitch.

2. If approved your pitch I will send you the content calendar so you can pick a date for submission to my editors.  Depending on which date you pick I will then let you know the release date (day it will go live).   Also note that we have limited guest posting opportunities so once the content calendar is full, it’s full.


My biggest concern is having you spend time on content that doesn’t meet my expectations. Because of this, I do have some rules that I ask my writers to follow.

1.  A minimum of 1,000 words per post.

2.  A minimum of 1 non-spamy link per post to more helpful information about your topic. (this link can be to your website, but only if it provides value!).

3. No self-promotion (you can not post about your own products, services, or talk about your site as a resource outright).

4. No pictures needed unless discussed in the pitch.

5. It must be unqiue content and not repurposed.

Tip For Getting Traffic:

Author profiles often don’t get clicked, so in addition to the author profile link we allow you to contextually link back to your site using an anchor link (it must be relevant to the topic not spamy or it will be removed) in the body of the content.  

Example of Contextual and Appropriate Anchor Link:

Some of the best organic beauty products out there are produced for….

What You Get From Posting

I know a lot of people are curious about stats before spending all the time and work posting (and for good reason!).

First, you obviously will get a backlink.

Second, I work hard to make sure your posts are promoted in my weekly round ups which go to my thousands of email subscribers and are also publicized on my social media. You also get acknowledged as the author in the post (and sidebar) with one link of your choosing (website, Instagram etc).

Average Visitors A Month




Legal Notes:

Once published, we at kelseaventures.com, own the content you’ve created with the premise that you will always be given author credit (on the content page) and a link to one of your properties of your choosing (website, Instagram, Facebook etc).

With that being said, we also have the right to edit the content that you submit. I do not have time to check in with each author as edits are done for your approval. However you will be given a release date and you can check out your content at that time.  You’ll have 24 hours to request its removal if you don’t like our edits.  (we do not have the manpower to re-edit a post at an authors requests so all we can do is remove it or remove your name from it).

We can also decide at any point to reject your content if at any time it fails to meet our expectations or standards.

If we do not publish your content for any reason, it still belongs to you!

I know all of this is like a lot and it might seem scary and overwhelming, but I swear I’m just a normal person and mostly nice, so don’t hesitate to reach out about anything related to guest posting!

My personal email is kelsea@kelseaventures.com