Spring has sprung, and so have our tax returns, which means it’s time to take the opportunity to hit up the best travel sites and find a new place to visit! Exploring a town or event you’ve never been to is exciting. Depending on your budget, and the time you have available there are a variety of options so you’ll be able to find something that will work…..Plus, the month of May is an ideal time to travel to lots of places.

This first location is for all the Indiana Jones and true traveling adventurers out there. It is a small and fertile spot in the desert in central Morocco called Skoura. There is a luxury hotel, picnics in remote areas, motorbike riding and a true journey just to make it into this oasis. At the very least it is amazing simply to look at pictures of. Landing in Morocco is the first step. This place is a scenic few hour drive from the city Marrakech, the fourth largest city in the country. Between the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert, this place in the month of May would offer pleasant weather and a hell of a chance you’ll have an amazing time.

Another location you should consider visiting outside of the US this May, is Amsterdam. One thing that makes Amsterdam great in May? The scenery. Although in many areas in the US flowers are starting to poke up and say hello, they can’t compare to the flowers blooming in Amsterdam. Imagine overlooking or riding along a famous canal and witnessing the colorful change mother nature is making while partaking in a nice local jenever cocktail. The city is considered a refuge for cyclists and has innumerable museums to wander through and streets to get lost in.

Perhaps a more accessible spot to visit in the marvelous month of May would be my favorite place on the planet: Savannah, Georgia. Chalked full of lovable people, countryside parks and festivals celebrating the season of alteration and newness, Savannah is an amazing spot to visit. Even if May isn’t the right time for you, the romantic Spanish moss that hangs from sturdy trees and the constant flow of local brews, spirits and the best food you will ever are just a few reasons you should add Savannah to your list!

The last vacation spot I’d like to highlight, is a once in a year possibility because of the limited time to visit. It’s the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument in northwestern Colorado. The three month season to complete this adventurous vacay makes it feel even more special. Singles, couples and families all gather to participate in the thrill of river rafting. It is the only sponsor-run, free-flowing river left in the U.S. and a desert location where you could even see it all in bloom. Book ahead of time and pack for a verifiable exciting getaway.

The spring season is a favorite for anyone and there are literally hundreds of other spots to check out but these four stand out and suggest the most supreme opportunity for a really wonderful vacation to celebrate the school year or to bring in a great summer. Whether you travel abroad or stay in until summertime, enjoy all the exciting changes the season brings.