Weighted blankets are typically made out of cotton or minky fabrics, but occasionally you can find fleece weighted blankets as well. 

While fleece and minky fabrics are very similar, minky fabrics are softer, plusher and sometimes thicker. Minky fabrics are most common in baby blankets (if that helps explain their texture and feel).

The main benefit of fleece over minky fabric is that it comes in a wider variety of prints.  However, if you’re not picky, minky fabric is probably the most desirable (and most popular) of the two fabric options when it comes to weighted blankets.

Fleece weighted blankets can actually be hard to come by unless you order a custom made option from somewhere like Etsy.

If you’re okay going with a minky blanket, I would check out the minky collection by Mosaic Blankets.

Hopefully this helped you learn more about fleece weighted blankets, if you have any questions you can also connect with me on social media and i”ll try and help you figure out the best option for you!

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