For a lot of people making a “fashion resolution” might sound sort of silly.  Especially if like me, you grew up in a home where materialism was frowned upon.  To this day, I still feel guilty spending money on new clothes because of the starving kids in Africa.  Which is no jest. There are starving kids in Africa and it IS silly to spend money on new clothes, because there are starving kids in Africa… see what I mean?

In addition to that, I’ve never loved my body.  I was never skinny enough to be happy with how I looked when I tried clothes on. Even when I was skinny I had boobs and a butt so in my mind I wasn’t skinny enough. So, I never enjoyed shopping for clothes.

Needless to say, I’ve always struggled with buying clothes unless I needed them for work to look professional. A necessary evil… at least I thought so.

Over the last couple of years as I became a full time blogger and social media influencer I stopped needing to dress at all.  Some days I literally would just stay in my PJs all day. Other days I would put a top on so I could live stream or take a photo, but I would be wearing sweat pants with no underwear.

Living the dream.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that if you look good you feel good.  It took three years of progressively dressing down, but let me tell you- that saying is no joke.

When I first started blogging I would still put on comfy clothes, you know, that dressed down, but still cute college look?

But eventually, I started not even wanting to do that.  Like I would try to shove everything into one day so I only had to get dressed up that one day. On all the other days, I would literally wear comfy not cute clothes or stay in my PJs. On those days I started neglected vlogging, snapchat and generally speaking to people… which are all a part of the job. There were even days a sponsor would want a last minute video chat and I couldn’t take it because I wasn’t put together enough. If that wasn’t bad enough, I also neglected my schedule… if you don’t have to get ready, there’s no real beginning to your day. I avoided last minute invitations to go out with my friends because I wasn’t ready. I also gained more weight than I ever imagined possible because I ate too much … but also because my stretchy clothes didn’t notify me like jeans do.  I could go on and on because there were so many ways not dressing up impacted my life negatively.

But the result is that this year, I decided to make a fashion resolution… a simple resolution to just dress better. Get up, get ready, buy things I don’t “need” and find clothes that make me, feel like me. 

If you’re in a spot where you’re neglecting your appearance, I’m going to challenge you to make the resolution with me. Because even if you don’t believe it matters, trust me, it does.

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