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Until Then…

Hey! Welcome to my almost published blog! My name is Kelsea and I’m a serial entrepreneur, college student and typical twenty something.


Here’s a little bit about me starting with the important stuff.

First, I love cheesecake and would eat it five times a day if I knew it wouldn’t end up on my thighs or stomach…. I mean could it at least go to my boobs?!

I’m also the mother of one happy puppy. She’s always moving so it’s hard to get a good picture of her… but I’ll put a blurry picture of our noses..

Okay, that’s great Kelsea, but why this blog?

So, basically, I left college as a senior Pre-Med student three years ago when I decided to pursue something I actually WANTED to do.  I moved back home and got into an online degree program for business and began starting and running my own businesses on the interwebs.  Since then I’ve helped others start and run their businesses, while simultaneously running my businesses on the side, finishing college, and trying to adult.

I  recently realized that in the chaos I call life, or as I called it-pursuing “success”,  my life had become extremely serious and void of creativity and laughter.  You know- those little unimportant things that make life worth living.

Thus, this blog is being born as a place to entertain, and promote laughter and creativity while sharing the struggles of adulting, and other lifestyle shenanigans.  I also want to take my digital business experience and share it with you in a way that allows you to create a business (whether that be blogging or running an eCommerce) that allows you to live the best life possible for you!

So if you’d like to join me you can sign up for my newsletter by entering your info below …. and also follow me on all my new fresh faced social media @kelseaventures

Go do it now so we can be pals!