Minky Weighted Blanket

Minky Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets, like any other blanket, can be made from different types of fabric. While cotton is the most popular type of fabric for weighted blankets, there’s also been an uprising in demand for minky blankets, and for good reason.

Minky fabrics are made from 100% polyester and are thicker and softer than fleece. For comparison, this is the type of fabric you’d expect to find when feeling all the baby blankets in the store (you know you do that). These soft blankets are perfect for people with sensitive skin because they are silkier than a traditional fleece and thus less irritating.

Minky Weighted Blankets are especially well suited for cold weather, but not so great for the heat (cotton weighted blankets are a better bet there). The texture of the minky fabric is well designed to keep in warmth and the poly pellets inside the blanket provide extra comfort on cold nights. Also, in case you’re worried, minky fabrics are easy to wash and are often machine washable. My favorite place to buy weighted blankets is Mosaic Blankets and they have tons of blankets made of minky fabrics.  Check them out here!

Organic Weighted Blanket

Organic Weighted Blanket

Have you ever been curious if it’s possible to find Organic weighted blankets? We were too, so we did some research to try and see if we could find weighted blankets made of organic fabrics. Here’s what we found:

While many companies are moving towards the green movement and encouraging individuals in their pursuit to return to all-natural products, weighted blanket companies, for the most part, haven’t embraced this trend. Organic Weighted Blankets should be made from all natural fibers preferably responsibly sourced and glass beads should be used in place of poly pellets. This is a great option for people with allergies or those looking to avoid excess exposure to plastics and other man-made chemicals.  Unfortunately, organic weighted blankets are a rarity in the pre-made weighted blanket world. One company you can try is https://www.sensorygoods.com.  I don’t know too much about this company, but it does look like they have good reviews on their organic blankets.  If you would rather, Etsy also has sellers who will make a custom organic weighted blanket for you.  Using Etsy is a great opportunity to be super specific about your needs. However, you’ll typically have to wait awhile for custom made products.

Weighted Blanket PTSD

Weighted Blanket PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be exhausting and even debilitating. While there are treatments for PTSD that can come in the form of therapy and medications, the treatment paths for PTSD are long and varied. What works well for one, might not work at all for another. However, when looking at treatment options you might want to consider weighted blankets as a healthy non-medical they are known to treat both anxiety and sleeping disorders commonly associated with PTSD.

Weighted blankets provide Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) that imitate the sensation felt when being hugged or cuddled. It also encourages the production of serotonin which helps to improve mood and can help encourage sleep.

Note that there are a lot of different symptoms for PTSD and weighted blankets have different effects on different people. To one person a weighted blanket might be a trigger, so if you think that’s a possibility, it’s probably not a good option to start with. With that being said, here’s how weighted blankets ease some of the symptoms of PTSD:


They Ease Anxiety

People with PTSD usually feel anxious especially when reminded by the traumatic event that they experienced. The overwhelming anxiety sometimes causes them to be easily startled and hyperaware of their surroundings. A weight blankets encourages deep pressure touch stimulation that helps them feel safe and secure. It relaxes tensed muscles and keeps their mind at ease.

Promotes Deep Restful Sleep

As mentioned earlier, deep pressure touch stimulation in weighted blankets produces serotonin. The serotonin produced by the body is processed in the pineal gland and later on becomes melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for deep sleep.

People with PTSD usually struggle with flashbacks and insomnia. These symptoms keep them from getting enough sleep which allows their body to recharge. Weighted blankets can help people with PTSD by making them feel safe and secure so they can get deep, restful sleep.

Comforting Tool after Flashbacks

Many with PTSD experience flashbacks, even with medication and therapy. These flashbacks feel as if they are experiencing the event again. Weighted blankets have been found to be comforting for some after flashbacks. Some even say that the blanket makes them feel more secure and get a grip with reality faster.

Weighted blankets do not fully treat PTSD. Constant guidance, therapy, and in some cases prescribed medicines, from a psychologist are extremely important for anyone with this disorder. However, having something that can help them ease the symptoms of the illness can be extremely helpful. With the amount of comfort and security a person with PTSD can get from them, a weight blanket is definitely worth every penny.

My favorite weighted blankets are through Mosaic Blankets. You can check them out here.

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets are made from different fabrics, mainly cotton and polyester. The more common and widely used of the two is cotton. Cotton Weighted blankets are softer and more breathable compared to the other one, most companies use 100% cotton when making their weighted blankets, this is because cotton is strong, durable and versatile. Plus, Cotton doesn’t retain odor and is easy to wash.

Cotton Weighted Blankets are filled with poly pellets, which cools down with the temperature in the room. It is perfect for warm weather and hot summer days. Also, Cotton Blankets are a good choice for children with Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD).

My favorite weighted blanket company is Mosaic Blankets, and you can click here to see their cotton options.

Full Size Weighted Blanket

Full Size Weighted Blanket

Full Sized Weighted blankets are perfect for couples or families needing that comfort and therapy weighted blankets provide. Full size are great for getting extra snugly on the couch or for your bed.  In some cases, people find that King or Queen size weighted blankets fall off the bed at night.  A full size weighted blanket might stay on the bed easier because it doesn’t drape, so that’s an option as well. As with all weighted blankets you can choose the weight of your blanket depending on your own body weight and preference. Full sized weighted blankets come in a variety of colors, designs and fabrics.  The one below is my favorite and you can get it in a variety of patterns and colors.

Double/Full Size Weighted Blanket – 54×75 inches BY Mosaic Blankets


Weighted Blanket Covers

Weighted Blanket Covers

Unlike other types of bedding, weighted blankets often require special care to clean. So, it makes sense that buying a cover could be beneficial.

Beyond creating a simple way to clean your blanket there are other benefits to buying a weighted blanket cover.

Weighted Blanket Covers Help To Maintain The Blanket’s Quality

Frequent washing of weighted blankets, is usually discouraged to maintain quality and prolong the lifespan. Having a cover helps you get an additional layer of protection for your weighted blanket so you don’t have to wash it as often. Since most of us don’t want to spend our extra money on weighted blankets, this is important!

If you’re bothered by the cat’s fur, hair or dust in your blanket, you can easily get rid of them by washing the cover. In fact, if you have two covers you can rotate them and minimize the chance of cat hair or dust infecting your blanket!  By having a cover for your weighted blanket, you get to save your time and energy, plus you get to preserve the material of the blanket at the same time.

Covers Diversity Your Blanket

If you’re someone who like to switch things up, a blanket cover can allow you to make that switch.  For instance, you could buy a minky cover, silky cover, or cotton cover (or all three) to match your mood.  While the cover doesn’t change the weight and ultimate warmth of the blanket, (yes, you would have to purchase more than one blanket for that) it does change the feel of the blanket for a fraction of the cost of buying another blanket.

If you’ve read any of my other weighted blanket posts, you’ll know that my favorite place to buy weighted blankets is Mosaic Blankets, and while I’m an affiliate I also do actually have and use their blankets and I used them on clients when I worked in healthcare. So naturally I’m going to recommend their covers which you can check out here.  

Mosaic 540x140

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