25 Perfect Gifts To Give Someone Moving Into Their First Apartment

25 Perfect Gifts To Give Someone Moving Into Their First Apartment

By: Elise Castelaz

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift for your friend finally leaving the nest? Look no further! We’ve put together an extensive list of the perfect first apartment gifts, and even better, they can all be found on Amazon. So go ahead and hop on your (or your mom’s, we don’t judge) Prime account and grab that last minute housewarming gift.

This cocktail shaker kit comes with all the basics for making fancy af cocktails, and at about $22 for a 6-piece set, it’s a steal!

A classic- the Fujifilm Polaroid Camera makes an amazing move-in gift because it is a perfect way to capture special moments, like a housewarming or dinner party.

Help your friends make a good first impression with their new neighbors with a cheery welcome mat for their front door.

Provide the gift of the perfect background music at all times by snagging a portable Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for use inside the home, picnics in the backyard, and anywhere else your friend enjoys good tunes!

Is your friend more analogue than Bluetooth? Instead of a speaker, try a sweet, vintage-looking record player.

You won’t know you need this tool kit until you really need it- which is why this makes the perfect thoughtful and useful gift.

As if a spread of cheese and grapes wasn’t already the easiest way to feel classy fast- take your friend’s charcuterie board to the next level with this gorgeous wood and marble cutting board. It comes with three knives that fit right into the board for satisfyingly cute functionality.

Hippy at heart? This super cute macramé plant hanger is less than $10 and will help your friend get a head start on her trendy urban jungle.

This giant bean bag pillow will make your friend’s new apartment the ultimate hang out spot. Sprawl out alone, or pile on with all your friends!

Every apartment needs a good coffee table book collection! Help your friend start theirs off with this inspirational book of adventures- The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big and Small.

Okay, admittedly cleaning supplies aren’t the sexiest. But this set of 5 pure, sulfate-free detergents and cleaners are the perfect starter set for a new apartment dweller.

There’s nothing like a good book and perfect cup of coffee on a rainy day right? This pillow would agree, and we think your friend will too!

Speaking of coffee… this coffee maker does it all! It can brew up a full pot, or just a single serve, and takes both coffee grounds or coffee pods.

A tried and true favorite for transforming a plain old wall into a centerpiece: a tapestry! Take a room from boring to boho in literal seconds.

These eco-friendly and stylish silicon and bamboo utensils are a perfect kitchen starter set.

This joyfully colorful 13-piece mixing bowl set is another great gift to make sure your friend’s kitchen always stays fully stocked! It even includes measuring cups, a mesh-wire strainer, and a colander that all nest neatly into each other for easy storage in a small apartment kitchen.

Turn even the smallest bathroom into a bright, happy space with this adorable shower curtain. The banana leaf pattern will bring all the tropical vibes without actually having to leave your house.

Everyone dreads the sound of their alarm in the morning, so give the gift of a peaceful morning, every morning with this awesome wake-up light. It stimulates a sunrise that will wake you up gradually and peacefully, but still has backup alarm sounds if your friend is a heavy sleeper!

Give your friend a gift that’s both trendy and functional: a modern yet rustic hanging shelf. She can display pictures, plants, knickknacks, and more on the sleek and sturdy circular shelf.

Light up a room and your friend’s smile with this gift. This super cool neon light comes in every letter of the alphabet and numbers 1-9, so you can pick the letter of your friend’s name, or buy multiple and spell out a word or the numbers of her address for a sweet personal touch.

With first apartments come first roommates. Help your friend mediate complaints with a sense of humor with this hilarious sticky-note set.

A hanging hammock chair is a super unique gift, and will instantly make your friend’s living room or deck extra relaxing, not to mention really cute too!

What Do You Meme is a perfect housewarming gift! It will provide lots of laughs, and a great, easy way to entertain a group.

An aromatherapy diffuser is a perfect gift for anyone, life is stressful! Your friend will love the natural wood grain pattern and soothing colored lights of this humidifying diffuser.

Apartments aren’t typically known for their abundant amounts of storage and organization space. This slim, 3-tier rolling cart is the perfect way to make the most out of a small space.

10 Pre-Fab Homes You Can Buy On Amazon

10 Pre-Fab Homes You Can Buy On Amazon

Let’s be honest, we all want to eventually own a home. But the reality in the current economy is that most of us can’t afford to buy one-especially without getting into massive debt.  

So some, such as myself, have decided to go a minimalist route. However, if you’re someone who maybe doesn’t have the skills or time to build a small structure to live in, never fear! There are lots of options out there including on Amazon.  Ready to prime yourself a house?  

Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway


292 square feet + sleeping loft

The teal accent color. The cute loft. I’m sold.

Allwood Timberline


483 square feet + 129 loft

The small front porch is homey and inviting, and the loft allows the downstairs to be open—especially with the front windows offering a good amount of natural light.

Allwood Sunray


162 square feet

While this home is a bit smaller than the other tiny homes, the glass doors and front windows allow for the natural light to accentuate the open floor plan of this home.

Allwood Eagle Point


1108 square feet

With a total of 1,108 square feet spread out across a downstairs and upstairs floor plan, this tiny home has a beautiful exterior design—not to mention the spaciousness of the interior. Also, this home has a spiral staircase. Super fancy!

Allwood Eagle Vista


1336 SQF Cabin Kit

This tiny house is nearly sheer perfection. The upstairs and downstairs have about equal square footage, unlike many tiny homes that merely just have an upstairs loft. The house design allows for eleven rooms, including three bathrooms.

Allwood Claudia


209 square feet

I cannot get over the windows for this tiny home! Like many of the previous homes, the natural lighting is fantastic, and while this home is no different, the two extra windows on the front sides.

Expandable Container House with Solar Energy


20 ft/40 ft

A fireproof, waterproof, anti-rust expandable home with glass walls.



Timber Frame Cabin Kit


725 square ft

This home is beautiful! It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin with timber framing. Gorgeous!

Tiny Home Park Model RV


399 sq.ft

This 1 bed, 1 bath vacation home has an open floor plan and comes with a covered front porch.

Tiny Home- Park Model RV


399 sq ft

This 1 bed, 1 bath tiny home includes pine accents, tile floor, and kitchen appliances. The open floor plan and high ceilings allows for ample storage.

Shower Squeegees: Reduce Your Time Cleaning The Shower

Shower Squeegees: Reduce Your Time Cleaning The Shower

Shower squeegees are not the most exciting topic, but they do provide you with an easy way to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your shower.   And who doesn’t love that?

A quick swipe of a squeegee will effectively remove soap scum, excess water, bacteria, and even reduce mold and hard water stains.  And it only takes a second, so why not give it a try?  After all, if you’re anything like me, you’ll put off cleaning until the shower scum is so grown over that it takes a good thirty minutes of scrubbing to take care of it.

If you want to give it a try, here are some of the best squeegees money can buy.

Hiware All-Purpose Shower Squeegee

With an average 5 star rating, this squeegee is a best seller on Amazon. It provides streak-free drying with a smooth wiping motion. It comes with an ergonomic handle, making it easy on the hands, it’s lightweight, and it comes with a set up to hang it in the shower.

Some other great things about the Hiware Squeegee is that it can be used on multiple surfaces, depending on your needs. It’s great for the shower, windows, mirrors, and even car windows! It comes with a 2 year warranty in case you’re skeptical. Sounds like it’s worth a try!

Price: $12.99


OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

Ratings from over 3,000 customers lead to an average 4 stars for this squeegee, making it a reliable choice. The lightweight build and comfortable, non-slip grip make it easy to use. The suction cup holder provides a simple way to hang it up where needed. It has a durable blade and should last long enough to be worth your money.

Price: $11.99


Original Soft-N-Dry T-Bar Silicone Water Blade

This squeegee also boasts a 4 star rating from customers and can be used on multiple surfaces besides the shower. The unique T-Bar edge eliminates over 90% of standing water stains, and its silicone blade bends to fit the surface being worked on, helping to get a deeper clean.

This squeegee does not come with a way to hang it on the shower wall.

Price: $11.94


CLERET iDO Shower Squeegee with DUAL Wiping Edge Cleaning Blade

The CLERET iDO squeegee with dual wiping edge cleaning blade is an Amazon’s Choice product and is a quality product while also being inexpensive. With an average 4.5 star rating, customers have shown this is a squeegee they prefer.

The dual wiping edge design leads to better cleaning than a one edge squeegee. Also, it only weighs 3.9 oz! Talk about easy to carry. With an attractive design and practically invisible wall holder, this squeegee is good for the eyes as well as for cleaning the shower.

Price: $8.99


E-PRANCE Shower Window Squeegee

Over 500 customer reviews have led to the E-PRANCE squeegee having an average 4 star rating. Like many of the other squeegees, this squeegee can be used on multiple surfaces, not just the shower. Its secure holder mounts on the wall and is more reliable than suction cup holders.

E-PRANCE consists of durable, quality parts, ensuring it will last. Also, the new handle design provides a longer handle with stripes for easy gripping.


Price: $16.99


Get Your Squeegee On

In the end, we all have our own preferences when it comes to cleaning products like squeegees. But sometimes it’s worth giving something new a try, so get your squeegee on!

Starbucks Just Gave Us A Peek Of Their 2018 Holiday Merch And It’s Everything

Starbucks Just Gave Us A Peek Of Their 2018 Holiday Merch And It’s Everything

You guys know that I’m a Starbucks fan (kind of), so of course I keep my eye on Starbucks news (news.starbucks.com… bet you didn’t know that existed)…and today (September 25th) Starbucks kicked off their ninety-day to Christmas countdown by announcing some of the Holiday Merchandise that they’ll be releasing in stores this year.  When?  They haven’t said yet, but my guess is after Halloween when the iconic red drink sleeves start being distributed for the Holiday Season. 

So… starting with my personal favorites and top picks for gifts, here’s the peek Starbucks is giving us.

24 oz Iridescent Cold Cup

Price: $19.99

24 oz Flow Glitter Cold Cup

Price: $18.95

12 oz Double Wall Ceramic Sparkle Blend Tumbler

Price: $19.95

24 oz Black Sequins Cold Cup

Price: $18.95

16 oz Red Glitter Ombre Stainless Steel Tumbler

Price: $19.95

12 oz Green Glitter Ombre Stainless Steel Tumbler

Price: $17.95

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