The 10 Most Anticipated Books to Read This Spring

The 10 Most Anticipated Books to Read This Spring

Reading in the spring and summer is one of my favorite sunny day activities! I love grabbing a new book and laying out with a cold drink and diving into a story and set of characters. Spring and summertime reading reminds me of being young and school being out and finally being able to push aside the textbooks and enjoy a plotline of my choosing. As we transition soon out of winter into a new season, here are some of the most anticipated books to read of 2019’s spring season! Enjoy!

Beautiful Bad

Annie Ward offers readers a seriously intense new book in Beautiful Bad. Maddie and Ian live a perfect life that any of us would be happy to have until an accident prompts Annie to attend therapy. Annie eventually reveals her anxiety and fear about her husband and the safety of their child, proving that even the most seemingly beautiful relationships can be tumultuous. Why is Annie so afraid and who is Jo from their past? You will have to pick this one up to find out.

My Lovely Wife

Set to release this May, Samantha Downing brings us My Lovely Wife. This is a story about a small town where young women begin to disappear. All of our nightmares, right? In Downing’s new book, one couple’s relationship begins to unravel as the agreements they made about their interaction with the woman who went missing didn’t unfold as planned. What will be the couple’s fate as local police start to learn more about what happened to Lindsay? You won’t want to put this one down.

Last Girl Lied To

Last Girl Lied To is one I personally can’t wait for from Laurie Flynn. Fiona and Trixie are best friends and obviously know everything about each other. As they should. But when Trixie disappears on a night they attend a party together, Fiona soon learns maybe she didn’t know everything. As she sets off to find the truth, she meets Jasper and Beau, whose relationships with Trixie complicate the story. This is an emotional ride and a thriller you won’t want to put down.

Optic Nerve

To be released April of this year, Optic Nerve introduces us to Maria. Maria, who lives in Buenos Aires, is a lover of art. She explores artwork, the artists who offer the work, and ultimately makes sense of her life through this lens. As she dives deeper into herself, how she creates meaning, and the relationship between one and one’s art or love of it, you may find yourself wanting to do the very same. Do you know where your local art museum is? This is Maria Gainza’s first piece of work to be translated to English. Enjoy!

City of Girls

City of Girls should be your next read! Vivian Morris is a 95 year old woman who tells us about her becoming. She takes us back in time to 1940’s New York City and Manhattan where she makes a mistake that leads to scandal, love, and ultimately, understanding. Read about how Vivian develops her unapologetic sense of identity and the freedom that comes with abandoning shame. Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book will be out in June and should be read by every young woman! Pre-order it now.

Meet Cute

Meet Cute is the spring read for you. Kaitlyn and Dax are an unlikely pair. He is a former actor and totally crush-worthy! She is a calm, rational, and average girl (but what really is average anyway?). Their relationship comes to a halt when he betrays her, but then he needs her help. What will happen when she offers assistance in his time of need and she finds herself enjoying him again? Will they reconcile or will he betray her again? If you’re a rom-com movie goer you will really enjoy this one from Helena Huntings!

Daisy Jones & the Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Daisy Jones & the Six will be available in March of this year and it is one of the most anticipated books this spring! Daisy has the most beautiful voice and finds purpose, despite feeling broken, in singing and songwriting. When she meets Billy and joins the band The Six, things really take off! This is all based in the 1970’s and Daisy wants to experience everything about that decade- love, freedom, and drugs. A must pick up!

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is a debut novel by Ocean Vuong that will be available in June of this year. It is a letter offering his family’s history to his mother who does not read. It offers information to her that she has never known and shows the true love she showed him as a single mother. It also offers an honest view into the intersections of race, class, and identity. This isn’t simply a story about survival, it’s a story of self-advocacy, love, and finding joy.

Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls

Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls also introduces us to a strong child’s story. Madden develops relationships with other girls without fathers. In these friendships she finds the lifelines to face the painful environments to which she has been exposed. Hers is a story about the families that we are born to and the families that we create. It is beautiful and wild. It offers trauma and ultimately, forgiveness. The path to rebuilding is long but beautiful. T Kira Madden is unhinged in her debut memoir.

Caterpillar Summer

The bond between a young brother and sister is so important. Especially when their Mom works so hard and their Dad recently passed away. Caterpillar Summer introduces readers to Cat and her younger brother, Chicken. Cat has always taken care of him but when her Mom recognizes that she is struggling to do so, Chicken spends a summer with his grandparents. While there, Cat learns things about her family she has never known. And it turns out there are plenty of secrets to know. What will Cat do now that she has the information? And will it help her piece together her family?

The Liars of Mariposa Island Might Be Jennifer Mathieu’s Best Book Yet

The Liars of Mariposa Island Might Be Jennifer Mathieu’s Best Book Yet

If you haven’t yet heard of Jennifer Mathieu, you soon will.  Jennifer writes a lot about real people and real events. She’s written about slut-shaming and kidnapped brothers; she’s also written about high-school feminist movements.  

Currently, she is the author of four books: Devoted, The Truth About Alice, Afterward, and Moxie. Her most recent book, Moxie, is being made into a Netflix movie by Amy Poehler. (Add this to Netflix queue soon!)

Being a middle and high school English teacher, Mathieu understands the teenage experience better than most, and in her forthcoming novel, she combines realistic young adult experience with her own family’s immigration story.

Her fifth and forthcoming book, The Liars of Mariposa Island, is set to release on September 19, 2019. Pre-ordering is a thing—don’t forget!


But, since September is still a good ways off, here’s a rundown of the novel:

First and foremost, The Liars of Mariposa is a novel about family. With a multilayered narrative, and a timeline that jumps between 1986 and the 1950s/60s, the story traces the experiences of the Finney family.

The novel centers on the summer of 1986. Elena Finney is set to babysit the Callahans as they vacation on Mariposa Island for the summer months. With the arrival of the Callahans, Elena is provided an escape from her calculating, unstable mother. The summer of 1986 improves even more when she meets J.C., the new boy in town.

Elena’s brother, Joaquin, has similar sentiments about his mother and her manipulation. A recent high school graduate, Joaquin wants to move to California and find his father.

Elena and Joaquin are the novel’s primary narratives, yet their story is inextricably linked to their mother’s story. Their mother, whom both children struggle to understand and connect with, came to America as a teenager, fleeing the Cuban revolution.

Mathieu’s The Liars of Mariposa explores the complex dynamics of a family’s history, showing how a tangled web of lies can create destructive secrets. In the midst of the Finney family’s hidden history, they also discover the depths of true love.

According to Mathieu, the structure of the book is different from her previous novels, but this story is much more personal for her. During the 1960s and the reign of Fidel Castro, Mathieu’s own mother immigrated to the USA as a teenager.

The Liars of Mariposa will be released in September 2019—don’t forget to check it out! You can also read Mathieu’s other four novels while we anticipatedly await for the release of her newest book.

5 New Creepy Must-Read Books For This Halloween Season

5 New Creepy Must-Read Books For This Halloween Season

This fall is going to be fantastic for YA readers. We’ll see the continuation of some popular series, the conclusion of others, promising new fantasy, spooky tales for Halloween, heartfelt literature, and stunning works of nonfiction. With so many amazing titles coming out over the next few months, YA fans will never be short on reading material.

Two Dark Reigns

by Kendare Blake

This is the third book in the Three Dark Crown Series by Kendare Blake.  If you’ve haven’t already hopped into these series, this is a great time to start.  If You are well acquainted with the books, than you’ll be excited to know that the third book is out now! The Three Dark Crown series is perfect for those who want a little bit of dark fantasy and magic, without it being too creepy.

The Lantern’s Ember

by Colleen Houck

Jack is a Lantern who guards the portals between the mortal world, and the Otherworld: A place where monsters reign supreme. No one has ever gotten by him, until a witch named Ember finds her way in with the help of a vampire.



by Ellen Goodlet

This book has been described as Pretty Little Liars meets Harry Potter.  The story follows three princesses who each must protect their terrible secrets as they battle for the crown. The twist?  Someone knows the secrets and wants them all exposed.


by Kiersten White

It’s been 200 years since Frankenstein first frightened and delighted readers.  So what better way to celebrate the original book, than by reading this retelling of the story by an alternative view….An abused Elizabeth has been saved by Frankenstein, but how long can she maintain their friendship?

by Ransom Riggs

You’ve probably heard of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series, which in and of itself is a must read.  A Map Of Days is the latest installment of the series which follows Jacob to Florida where he’s faced with many new dangerous adventures.  True to form, A Map of Days is illustrated with creepy vintage photos that add a nice chill factor as you read.

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