Updated 4/30/19

AHHHHH I’m so excited!!!!   One of my favorite companies Black Milk has rolled out a line of Harry Potter inspired clothes (officially known as the “Hogwarts collection”)-and I’m in love.

This line actually came out over a month ago last year (and sold out right away), but being on summer vacation it wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed some of the adorable pieces on Instagram.

As someone who is a low-key geek, I absolutely love how these pieces can be dressed up or down to look cute without screaming “HEY THESE ARE HARRY POTTER THEMED!” With many of the pieces there’s a good chance that only fellow geeks will pick up on the theme- which is just how I like it.

So without further ado, here are my favorite pieces from this collection!

NOTE: Since writing this piece last year many of these items are no longer available. I’ve updated the descriptions to reflect that. With that being said, I don’t know how Black Milk works, there’s a possibility that the clothes they still have will eventually sell out and not be available.  With that in mind you might want to consider getting anything you’re into now.  P.S this is not a sponsored post in any way.


I’m a huge fan of simple graphic T-shirts, so naturally I was immediately drawn to this shirt! As a fashion-challenged (read “lazy”) person, I also love that it comes in black and white so I don’t have to try and match it with the rest of my outfit.  I mean black and white pretty much go with everything right?

The next piece is this adorable owl top that I was immediately drawn to.  I would hands down wear this out.


I’m not typically a huge skirt fan because girl got thick thighs and in a skirt they’re not saving lives, they’re just getting chafed. However, the shape of this one mixed with the design is a winner for me. I’ll definitely be buying and wearing it.

Check it out here. 

The last piece I’m absolutely obssessed with is this adorable shirt.  I love how it doesn’t scream Harry Potter, but it still reeks of Harry Potter vibes.

I’m going to keep it real. When I first wrote this post a year ago, these were not on it.  They’re definitely not my thing (remember the thick thighs?).  Even though they weren’t one of my top favorites, I think they’re really cute, I would just never personally wear them and feel comfortable in them with the size of my legs.

With that being said,  if you want to check these out you can click here!