By: Hilary Katzenmeier

I will admit, before I began researching on Christian Youtubers I only knew of three, but I do know what I want when I watch these potentially potent posts made by these influential people and groups. I want to feel connected to their message. I want to hear something that I might not be willing to tell myself or learn something that I did not know prior to flipping open my laptop and typing in one of these names I’m about to list on Youtube.

Finding purpose and being fulfilled in a very hectic world can seem impossible. All of these people may not speak to everyone but at least one, without a shadow of a doubt will cast some light in an area you may not have known was blacked out to begin with. At the very least I have a few that are entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh, which I believe, we all need every single day.

Anna Willemstein-

This woman is dedicated to the written word of the Bible and its teachings. She provides proof and continues to work on common human traits and how these words can provide insight to the behaviors that follow these traits. She has devotionals for those that like to be on a schedule and have somewhere to be/something to do every day. She hosted a 21 day “challenge” at the beginning of this year and is committed to keeping prayer alive in your every day life.

Priscilla Shirer-

For those of you who devote time to watching something for at least 30 minutes, this powerful woman is ideal. Her shortest videos are mainly half an hour and I can easily say that even a video spanning over an hour hardly seems long enough. The understanding she has for living as a single person is refreshing and compassionate. No lifestyle is necessarily easy but being single in a community where it seems everyone is with everyone, is a path that can have the most detours. This woman is fierce and realistic, a must watch for those who desire to feel accepted and understood.

Apostle Tim-

His newest videos are his Sunday services so if you’re the type of person that worships privately, this is a good avenue to wander down. He claims no matter what situation you’re going through, God has the answers, the wisdom and the deliverance necessary to heal any wound. He is more traditional in the sense that he’s not a blogger, vlogger or social media giant. His messages are based on the Heavenly Father instead of his Son which sort of harnesses a different type of power. With 90,000 subscribers he has a following and backs it up with a learned homily.

April Cassidy-

Married at a young age she covers the gamut of subjects when it comes to family and marriage. From dressing modestly to just being a peaceful woman, she displays many principles that all women strive for. Posting often, she offers tips and informative, fairly short videos for married and single women alike. Honoring and respecting ourselves is key to honoring and respecting our significant other. April Cassidy suggests more peaceful and helpful alternatives to the struggles of partnership.

Jerry Dirmann-

Based out of California, this senior pastor has a lot in store for someone willing to dive into sermons and worship. From most recent to older posts, Pastor Dirmann continues to devote his life to improving yours. This channel has seemingly endless amounts of videos from quick 30 minute devotions to a couple hour long services. He seems to have more followers in person than online but his messages speak volumes wherever you are and are certainly worth a listen.

Chrystal Evans Hurst-

She is just about every thing you can imagine a creative and successful writer/speaker to be. She is well versed and highly enlightening. Understanding that life and time on this planet is limited she strives to reveal the little things to those who are too swamped in the mess of just existing. She also has many guests on her channel and a series called the “sister circle show” that highlights more than just one point of view. Worth a read, listen or watch, Chrystal Evans Hurst is the ultimate source.

Jordan Lee Dooley-

An adorable and imperfect soul is this woman. She spoke at a Christian summit last year titled “Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here”. I mean, who wouldn’t want to listen in on any of that? She brings spirituality into fitness and other aspects of life that are vital to living fully and healthy. She has brought her honest and slightly unrefined husband to accompany her at times and it is a nice yet not so subtle approach to what the opposite sex may be trying to say or is thinking.


John Crist-

So funny, this guy has brought levity into what can be some serious and heavy subjects. Funny videos and a refreshing way to look at life. He can really break some things down. A true comedian he is as he takes you on a fun ride through life in times of what it would look like if’s and why does it look like this now’s? For much needed laughs, subscribe to this channel.


Gabriel and Jess Conte-

This couple has chosen to document their every step in a union. They are brave and vulnerable on topics that most people wouldn’t dare to be. One of their most recent posts is titled “Babies, Cheating and Our Plans for 2019!!” is an interesting and tell-all question and answer post that would illustrate the nature of their channel in a nutshell.


Joseph Solomon-

Offering videos and music specifically on the topic of spoken word, this young man is a great talent. He is very enjoyable to watch and easy to contact. He wants to spread goodness around and stands above many other people his age against the social norms that have tied most down. I would say this is my favorite and top choice for Christian Youtubers to pay attention to in 2019.


Kevin McCreary-

He himself would tell you that his page is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. His deep love for cinema and deep rooted opinions make him a subject of debate. Sarcasm being his middle name he is not everyone’s cup of tea and it doesn’t bother him either way. His truth is stronger than his desire to be the favorite. Capable of providing a different outlook, this guy is at the very least amusing.


Rachel Hollis-

She is salt of the earth and incredibly admirable. Her raw take on sensitive subjects really has you break down the dramatic stances we sometimes take on circumstances. She is my favorite female Youtuber and her posts about family and lifestyle are addicting. Save this name when you’re feeling “less than” or at all unworthy. She will happily remind you of how on the other side of nothing, is everything.


Jon Jorgenson-

Another spoken word poet and extremely creative mind, he posts devotionals and holds talks at various conferences. Conscience of how he and others live their lives without purpose, he is a God focused individual that paints a vivid picture of a life with Christ involved in every thing you do. Very active online and spreads his message through many different mediums. Put this person on your list for at least a weekly watch for your 2019.


Charisma Star-

A make up artist that gives the glory to God instead of the latest cover up? I am all in. She is a younger person’s choice in my opinion but one that holds the key that most young people, especially girls, should be holding in their back pocket. Beauty is beyond skin deep. It is in any little thing someone does. I can see a mother and daughter really bonding over a Youtuber/vlogger like this.