Christmas came early! Netflix is upping its game this year, by bringing you not one, but three holiday films (A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, The Holiday Calendar and The Princess Switch)! According to the Entertainment weekly who had the privilege to get a sneak preview of Netflix’s festive lineup, there is so much to look forward to, including a loyal wedding!

A Christmas Prince, Netflix’s fan-favorite holiday film, will get a sequel going by the name A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. This follow-up film will pick up 12 months after Amber (Rose Mclver) helped Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) secure the crown. The two lovebirds are set to be married in a royal Christmas wedding; but alas, their plans are laid on the line when Amber finds herself doubting if she got what it takes to become a queen. What’s more: Richard, on the other hand, wrestles with a political crisis that could ruin the festive season as well as the kingdom’s future. So, will the wedding proceed as planned? Well, prepare yourself because this is certainly going to be a bumpy watch!

In the movie, The Princess Switch, which starts streaming on Nov 16th, Vanessa Hudgens plays Margaret, the beautiful Duchess of Montenaro, who mysteriously switches places with a commoner called Stacy ( who happens to look a lot like her), a week before Christmas. However, things get complicated when Margaret gets infatuated by Stacy’s good-looking co-worker, while Stacy becomes inseparable with Margaret’s fiancé, the handsome Prince.

If royalty isn’t your thing, Netflix still has got you covered. They will also be showing another exciting movie titled The Holiday Calendar, which stars Kat Graham. The movie, out Nov. 2, centers on Graham, a photographer, who inherits a historic advent calendar which was believed to foretell about the future.

Unquestionably, holiday movie enthusiasts will have something to keep their eyes busy this November.

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