As someone who works from home, getting ready for work in the morning seems to always been an extreme. I’m either super excited to try a new look, or I literally don’t’ want to get dressed to go sit at my couch and write… you know what I mean?  

However, I think the struggle of getting dressed for work applies to a lot of people and if it applies to you, I have good news! Target is coming to the rescue with their new line-Prologue. 

Target’s New Prologue Collection

Target’s latest clothing line, Prologue, has over 70 pieces that are both trending and timeless enough to wear to work- and to happy hour drinks. The collection is the perfect fall update, incorporating materials like matte satin, crape and twills.

Julie Guggemos, Target’s senior vice president of product design & development explained what she hopes the line will achieve. “With Prologue, we’re looking to inspire—and win over—women who are drawn to a more modern, minimal style… which, by the way, is not the easiest look to create on a budget.”

And to be honest, I think they have achieved that.  The clothes are the perfect mix of chic and modern simplicity and will be on trend for many seasons. I also love that the pieces transition seamlessly between looking sharp in the office to cocktails with the girls.

Time To Fill Your Cart

The line is exclusive to Target and dropped September 14th. The collection is easy on your budget with pieces starting at $12.99 and everything under $50.

I also appreciate that Target continues to be size inclusive. The Prologue line ranges from 0-16 and even up to 26W online.  If this brand is anything like Target’s other recent lines, the best items will sell out soon, so we advise filling your cart with your favorite Prologue blouses, slacks, skirts and outerwear ASAP.

Prologue looks to be another home run from the team at Target, check it out now and always have a go-to office outfit.