You guys know that I’m a Starbucks fan (kind of), so of course I keep my eye on Starbucks news (… bet you didn’t know that existed)…and today (September 25th) Starbucks kicked off their ninety-day to Christmas countdown by announcing some of the Holiday Merchandise that they’ll be releasing in stores this year.  When?  They haven’t said yet, but my guess is after Halloween when the iconic red drink sleeves start being distributed for the Holiday Season. 

So… starting with my personal favorites and top picks for gifts, here’s the peek Starbucks is giving us.

24 oz Iridescent Cold Cup

Price: $19.99

24 oz Flow Glitter Cold Cup

Price: $18.95

12 oz Double Wall Ceramic Sparkle Blend Tumbler

Price: $19.95

24 oz Black Sequins Cold Cup

Price: $18.95

16 oz Red Glitter Ombre Stainless Steel Tumbler

Price: $19.95

12 oz Green Glitter Ombre Stainless Steel Tumbler

Price: $17.95