The best thing about friendship is getting to talk about anything and everything with someone you love and trust. I’m lucky enough to find friends I can confide in and talk about anything with. Not just the surface stuff. We can talk days on end without getting bored with each other. Being able to find a friend/friends to have a real conversation with is priceless.

Now I’m one of those people that will say anything I’m thinking. The good, the bad, the uncomfortable. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but more often than not, my friends will tell me that they were really grateful someone bridged the conversation.

For some reason, we’re taught some topics are either taboo, not polite, or not social acceptable.  But, I’m so tired of people feeling alone in their thoughts because society says we shouldn’t talk about certain topics.

Being comfortable enough to talk about certain topics at least with your friends is important.  It will help you see you’re not alone, help you strategize the next moves of your life and sometimes let you vent.

So, here are some topics you should consider having more conversations about.


Money is often a taboo subject – make a lot and you’re a show off, make a little and you’re pan handling… there’s no way to get completely away from being judged. But talking about money is just as important as talking about work, family and dating. You’ll relate to your friends better, feel understood and actually get some feedback on budgeting, finances, investing, and spending habits that maybe you didn’t have before.


Women don’t usually kiss and tell and they don’t usually brag about their sexual conquests like some men. But, being open and honest about sex leads to a healthier relationship with your sexuality. And sometimes a little advice from a friend goes a long way.

Your Fears

Your fears are nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has them. It’s what makes us human. Sometimes all you need, is to get it out there.  My family the other day played a game of “what’s your greatest fear” and it was kind of fun to laugh and joke casually about ways we didn’t want to die.  Just because you’re talking about serious topics, doesn’t mean it can’t be lighthearted.

Mental Health

Most Americans struggle with mental health at some point in their life.  Depression, anxiety, “midlife crisis”, we’ve all either been there or known someone who was there.  Talking about mental health issues, whether you have them or not can be a great way to help destigmatize it, which is better for everyone.

Cherish the friends you can have real and deep conversations with.  My philosophy is, “if they can’t handle the real you-all of you, they don’t deserve any of you”.  That can be hard sometimes, because for some people it means giving up every friendship.  But at the end of the day would you rather have the two weirdos who love you or the ten friends that you never connected with?  The choice is yours.

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