This year I decided to bet on my weight loss using HealthyWage and this is why…..

If you were to go to any social platform and scroll back through the last year of my photos, you would probably label me as “a little overweight” or “chubby” or “thick” (in large because I never post photos of my whole body). 

But, I bet that based on what you can find you wouldn’t guess, going back to January of last year (2017) that I weighed around 240 pounds.

Now, before you go further (or click off) this post isn’t anti body-positivity, nor am what I’m about to say “fat shaming”.  This is just how I feel, what I thought (think) and the health issues that led me to bet on my weight loss.  Know that if you’re overweight or obese or thicc or whatever- I love you all the same. Got it?  Cool back to the regular programing…

I’m just going to keep it real.  My weight is something that I’ve always tied my self-worth to. So, as my public following grew, so did my insecurity with my weight. 

Everything kind of came to a head (the first time), when I took the advice of my 50,000 and some Instagram followers and created a Youtube channel.   

I decided to do this during Vlogoween (in October) where vloggers post one video a day for the entire month in celebration of Halloween.  Since I love the bizarre and weird it seemed like a perfect time to get started.

So, I made one “scary” (and silly) video a day for the month of October and loved the process (although the videos are freaking cringy). I also loved connecting with some of my Instagram followers and finding new people on Youtube as well.

However, Youtube is video and video is not as friendly as a well-angled shot.

Needless to say that was the moment that I realized how much I hated how much I looked and wanted to do something about it.

So I made some weight loss goals.  I’d lost weight before, but I always gained it back, so for 2017 I wanted to just drop 40 pounds and keep it off for a few months.

I actually succeed at that goal really quickly.  I lost the 40 pounds between January 1st and March 31st of 2017 and kept it off for the rest of the year.

For the most part I couldn’t find photos of my whole body (because I purposely didn’t take them) but here’s a not-so good one from January of 2017. Obviously I’m a style ICON people!

Here’s one from Disney World (I’m in the middle) in August of 2017 after losing 40 pounds. Once again, I’m a style icon people- that shirt is HIGH quality Ross material.

After losing 40 pounds I felt like I was at a much healthier size for myself.  Not just based on how I looked, but I physically was feeling really strong (hello there Crossfit).

Even though I still wasn’t comfortable taking full body photos. I thought I needed to work more on my body positivity and confidence than on losing weight.

However, this train of thought was derailed when my mom started having some serious health issues related to her heart. 

My mom had us fairly young, so she’s not that old, nor was she that overweight, nor did she eat what would be consider the “SAD” diet.

But, weight loss was the one thing they told her *might* work before getting into pills, surgeries and other intense treatments.

Long story short, my mom started losing weight and her symptoms pretty  much disappeared.  Which is crazy because the symptoms were crazy.

When she started all of this she actually found Healthywage and decided to try it because as she said, “if I have to lose weight I might as well be paid for it!”.

Watching her go through her health struggles made me realize that I needed to keep going forward with my journey as well.  Loving your body is important regardless of the size you are, but it’s also important to prioritize your health.

So that’s why I decided to bet on my weight.  If you’re curious about that…here’s the info.


Healthywage is a platform where you bet actual money on your weight loss.

I know betting money on weight loss sounds a little crazy, I thought so too, but after reading about it and seeing my mom have success with betting on her health, I decided to give it a go, because like my mom said, I might as well get paid for losing the weight I need to lose.

In addition to that, HealthyWage forced me to stop saying “tomorrow”, it’s easy to put off working on your health until “tomorrow”, but you can’t do that when you’re under time constraints and money is at risk. This was a huge external motivator for me!

In fact, I can now say without a doubt that HealthyWage is the sole reason I’m down 15 pounds this year already.  If I hadn’t done it, I’m not sure I would have pulled myself into gear yet (which is hard to admit, especially since my mom’s health should provide me with so much motivation).

Check Out Healthywage here!

How does it work?

Basically you bet whatever you want and there are various payouts depending on the amount and length of your bet. Healthywage has a calculator that you can play around with to see how much you can win from varying bets.  You can check that out here.

Below is a screenshot of what the calculator looks like.  Now, you will need to make a free account to see the exact amount you’ll win, because it’s based on your exact information, but this can give you an estimate.

Both my mom and I found that we won the most (even though we weighted different amounts) bidding $1000 total (you can bid all at once or pay monthly). I don’t know if this is best across the board, but it was best for us. The Healthywage calculator does show you your best return as well.  We didn’t base our bets on this because it’s based on the best money to win ratio, not the most you can make.

Also note that you can bet whatever you want! There’s no need to bet $1000 to participate!

I personally did end up doing the full $1000.  Which is terrifying, but also extremely motivating. Had I bet $20, I wouldn’t have had the same level of incentives.  $1000 is a lot of money for me (and I’ll win a lot) so that’s keeping me going even on day I don’t want to!

My payout if when I hit my goal will be $2,900, so I’ll make $1,900 doing something I planned on doing anyways. Depending on how much you need to lose, the prize money can be up to $10,000!

Besides doing the individual big weight loss challenge, I’m also currently enrolled in 7 different 6% body fat weight loss challenges and a team challenge with my mom all through HeallthyWage.  These challenges are a little different because they don’t guarantee a “win” amount. You just put $20 in a month for three months and everyone who hits their goal gets a cut of the pot.  The thing about the jackpot challenges is that you don’t know how much (if anything) you’ll win, but you are guaranteed to get at least your $60 back.

Just two of several options

HealthyWage allows you to do up to 10 challenges at a time, which is pretty cool because I’m losing weight anyways, (or I lose $1,000) so I can’t lose the smaller challenges! If I don’t win them, I’d be on track to lose the entire $1,000, so while I might not win a ton, I’ll win a little here and there doing that as well.

One of the deciding factors for me doing Healthywage was the fact that these types of programs have actually been studied and shown to increase the success rate of you reaching your goal. So far, that’s been very accurate for me.

With that being said, if you’re someone who isn’t motivated by monetary loss, this is probably not the right fit for you.

What About DietBet?

If you’ve heard of DietBet you might be wondering why I’m using HealthyWage instead.  The reason is simple.  DietBet only has the option to bid into smaller jackpots that get split between winners. The two jackpot options with DietBet are 4%weight loss in 4 weeks or 10% in 6 months. So the options are pretty limited for what you can bid on and the return is not that great.

DietBet’s options, the maintain option (which I think is very cool is not yet available).

If you only have a few pounds to lose, I would do a combination of the 4% (or 6%) challenge with DietBet and a 6% challenge with HealthyWage (might as well get both payouts for the same amount of work!).  As someone who has a lot to lose, I’m using DietBet with HealthyWage as another way to make little bits of money here and there throughout my weight loss journey, but if you can only afford to put money in one place, you’ll win a lot more with HealthyWage.

Also, a note about money:  If your car needed to be fixed for you to go to work you’d make sure you’d get the money right? Even if it was $1000. What about your body though? If a $60 or $100 bet is motivating for you, great! But it that amount isn’t going to hold you to your goal, would a higher amount like $1000?  If so, wouldn’t it be worth it to give up Hulu or Netflix for your bet each month so you would stay on track?  That’s how I’ve been looking at the money I’ve been pouring into these bet programs.  As an investment for my health and my future that’s worth budgeting for.

Now that we’ve talked a bit about betting on weight loss, I want to quickly share with you how I’m going to hit my goals.  Because yes, it would be foolish to put that amount of money on the line and not have a plan!

What I’m Doing To Ensure I Make My Goal

The main thing I’m focusing on to ensure I lose the right amount of weight is diet. 

I tried Keto after reading Tools of The Titans by Tim Ferris (a great book you should definitely read!). Although I didn’t count my calories closely I lost a lot of weight just by adding in lots of healthy fats and reducing carbs. This is how I lost 40 pounds in three months in 2017 and it’s how I’m planning on losing 60 in 2018.

The way Keto works, is that it switches the body from running on Carbohydrates to running on Ketones which are produced by fat.  Because your body is running off of fats instead of sugar, you’ll lose weight much easier ( at least in my experience) than on a diet that simply restricts calories.

The science behind Keto is not only solid, but it’s shown to have some great health benefits besides just weight loss.  I honestly felt the best I ever have on a “diet” doing Keto, which I didn’t realize until I stopped it to “maintain” my weight.

If you’re interested in Keto (especially for weight loss) definitely look into it! It’s been a great change for me.  One resource that’s really good is Healthful Pursuits.  She has a podcast that has a ton of info on going Keto.

If you’re interested in buying a program to get started I would highly recommend her 30 day bundle and also her meal plans.

Other Keto Resources I Recommend:

Just because I know I’ll be asked this question later if I don’t include these….

If you’re busy and on the go, also check out the Keto Box, which is a subscription box of Keto snacks that regularly come to your house. This is great if you’re not very good at cooking and meal prep (like me).

I also recommend Perfect Keto’s MCT Oils and Powders.

You can read about the science behind MTC Oil here!

Besides, going Keto, I’ve also added in exercise to my life.

I decided to go with a Tabata for exercise because studies show it’s the best at keeping your metabolism stable during weight loss.Tabata is a form of high interval intensity training and the idea behind it is that you work out at your maximum capacity for just 4 minutes a day.  Tabata has been around for a long time and studies have shown that it is more effective for overall health than 1 hour of moderate work out every day. I did a lot of digging into the research, and while I won’t present it all here, it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re prone to making excuses about not having time when it comes to working out (like I do). Or, if you’re concerned about your metabolism getting slower from weight loss (keto also helps with this).

Currently I’ve been using whatever workouts I can find on Youtube, but I’m considering buying a program, because there aren’t a lot of options.

So, that’s why I’m betting on my weight loss and how I’m making sure I win.  If you have questions about betting on weight loss, Keto or Tabata, leave me a comment down below and I’ll try to answer them.

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