IKEA has a new pet collection and I’m living for it!

For those of you who don’t know I have a two year old puppy and she is my literal child.

Don’t believe me?

She has a Christmas stocking, my grandparents buy her clothes (which she rips off) and she eats better than I do, and I’ve seriously considered getting some of that dog nail polish and painting her nails…. I know *barf*

So, when I saw this IKEA line was coming out, I of course had to scour it for potential pooch furniture for my house.

The new line is called Lurvig which is the Swedish word for “hairy”… If you weren’t already aware that IKEA is Swedish, you are now!

This new line will includes mainly dog and cat pieces and is planned on being rolled out in March 2018 in the US, Canada, France and Japan.

I personally am eyeing the pet bed frame which I think would look mighty snazzy in my living room… plus it’s only $24.99.  A bonus for any young adult!

Source: IKEA

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