In the midst of the terror attack yesterday, I found myself abstaining from social media and the garbage that it spews.

While I (obviously) love social media, the way that a horrible, tragic event can be taken and immediately turned into a political battle was too much for me yesterday.

As I listened to people argue for gun control and the hypocrisy of not calling terrorism by its appropriate name, I couldn’t help but feel sadden by it all.

Fifty nine people are dead, hundreds injured, some critically injured, and many others are forever changed because of this event.

Yet, in a turbulent America, the first conversations we’re having are politicized.

“This is proof we need more gun control”.

“Trump is a hypocrite because he didn’t call this terrorism”.

The reason these are so touchy and so quickly jumped on is because they are so important to American people.  However, those conversations can wait a week or two. After all, they’ve been going on for years.

Right now, the important thing is standing together to rebuke hate and evil and support the victims and families that were affected by this tragic event.

I wrote this post yesterday with ways to give.

You can also donate through this verified GoFund me page.

Or this one.

If you can’t give blood, or money, keep sending prayers and thoughts.

I know a lot of people want to see action done, not just “prayers and thoughts”, but sometimes that’s all we have, and it can help.

Although it might sound like mumbo jumbo, positive thoughts and prayers have been shown in studies to make a tangible difference in the outcomes of surgeries, the growth of plants and the healing of injuries.

So, do what you can do, respect the families and people involved and remember there’s always tomorrow to talk politics.

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