I recently ran across this post by Fashionista.


It’s all about using oil cleanser.

  Now, if you’ve never used oil cleanser before, the theory behind it is that instead of stripping your face of its natural oils, you’re cleansing the old oils away and replacing them with clean fresh oils.  
This method is supposed to keep your skin acne free, moisturized and healthy.
Obviously this is a simplified explanation of how it works in its entirety… and many people use oil cleaners simply to remove their makeup and then finish with a face wash instead of using only the oil-only method. But this post is more about why you shouldn’t be buying oil cleansers, than about how the oil cleansing method works.   Before I get into this article much further, I think it’s important to point out that I tried using this method as a primary cleanser for about two years and I personally didn’t see any amazing benefits.  In fact, my skin got progressively worse and I got my first ever permanent pock-type scar while using the oil cleansing method.   I can’t contribute the oil cleansing method itself to my skin though, since I also was eating HORRIBLY at this time and I think the amount of sugar I was consuming would have caused some bad skin issues by itself.   One thing I learned throughout my oil cleansing era was that most commercial oil cleanser is a complete and total rip off which is why you shouldn’t buy it!  

Let me explain.

  A bottle of cleansing oil, like Shu Uemura Porefinist- the oil being promoted in the Fashionista post is available in 150 ml for $34 or 450 ml for $70.   I, like many people, spent hundreds of dollars on oil cleansers my first year doing oil cleansing.  When I started really researching it though, I found out that you can make your own oil cleaners for a LOT cheaper.   And they have a lot healthier ingredients (no palmatates or strange esters)!   Now be prepared for the shock… all you need to make your own cleansing oil (that’s a lot healthier for your skin) is some oil.   Depending on your skin type, different oils might work better (or worse) for you.  But the great thing about making your own oil blends is that you can figure out what works best for you!   The oil combinations I made myself were by far the best that I used during my time with oil cleansing.  Especially when I figured out what I liked.  
I’ve used many different oil combinations, but The Oil Cleansing Method suggests the following:  

Acne Prone Skin

20% castor oil 40% high linoleic sunflower oil 40% grapeseed oil  

Normal Skin

20% castor oil 80% high linoleic sunflower oil  

Dry Skin

10% castor oil or less for dry skin. 30% high linoleic sunflower oil 60% avocado oil  

Aging Skin

10% castor oil 10% high linoleic sunflower oil 40% evening primrose oil 40% rosehip seed oil  

Financially this is a lot cheaper too!

  For instance to buy the ingredients for normal skin it would cost you right around $14 for this organic castor oil (32 Oz) and $10.45 for this sunflower seed oil (4 Oz). 450 ml (what you get for $70 of premade oil) is equal to just around 14.22 ounces.  For $24.45 you could get 36 ounces of oil. Obviously, the price will vary based on what you decide to buy, but to break it down further.  

The Shu Uemura Porefinist is around $4.92 per ounce


The  castor oil and sunflower oil would be around 68 cents per ounce.

  That means you could use 7 times more oil for the same price as the premade oils.   If you’re not sure what’s going to work for you, you can also try sample sized oil sets before buying large containers. This is an example of a set I found on Amazon.   Once you get the oil all you have to do is measure out the proper proportions and store it in a dark glass bottle.  I prefer one with a dropper because I find it to be less messy!   Good luck on your new oil adventures!

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